And then there were four

Jacob is gone, taking his purple bow ties and his three octave range to places unknown. I wish he’d come out for his swan song draped in a moo-moo, with a big bowl of fruit on his head. That would have been so cool…. There have been a few Idol news stories lately, below the … Continue reading And then there were four

Final 5 perform

Instead of live blogging like I normally do; I decided to just sit back, relax, and watch the show from stem to stern. The theme was “now and then”, with each of the five contestants singing one contemporary song and one from the past. One for the tweeners and one for the tweeners’ mothers, so … Continue reading Final 5 perform

And then there were five

Yarrrrr, mee matey walked the plank….. The Mudville six are now the (Randy)Jackson Five….. Idol lost its harmony singer, its stand-up bass player and it’s most unpredictable contestant; Casey Abrams’ wild and crazy Idol ride ended tonight with one more triumphant and wildly insane performance, as he tried to kiss every girl in the room … Continue reading And then there were five

Final 6 perform

There were three moments tonight, so I embedded a couple of extra videos down below. What a terrific night of performances! The theme tonight is “Songs from Carole King”. I figure they’ll tend to pick her bigger hits, so for fun these are my picks for each contestant to sing: Casey- “Smackwater Jack” Lauren- “Will … Continue reading Final 6 perform

And then there were six

Stefano Langone made his last stand on Idol tonight. Jacob was the other bottom 2 contestant, and Haley rounded out the bottom 3 just long enough to let America see her squirm a little. I predicted a shocker, mostly in jest, but I think that this was the right result. I don’t believe that we … Continue reading And then there were six

Final 7 perform

The theme this week is “Songs from the twenty-first century”. This is much more current than the next most recent theme for this group: “Songs from the year you were born”, or “songs from the Old Testament”. This could also be called “Songs written after Terry’s thirty seventh birthday”, so I’m going to feel old … Continue reading Final 7 perform

And then there were seven

Paul McDonald got the bus ticket tonight on Idol. This is a slight surprise, maybe, but obviously nothing like last week. Stefano and Haley took the other hard chairs, and Stefano was in the bottom two for the second consecutive week. Paul left the show with class and panache, as we would expect from this … Continue reading And then there were seven

Final eight perform

The theme tonight is “Songs from the Movies”. It’s a pretty wide open theme; it’s not like they are all going to sing Gershwin. Before I watch the show, a coupla song choice guesses: JD, “Do You Love Me” from “Dirty Dancing”, and Scotty, “I Cross My Heart” from thatGeorgeStrait’s “Pure Country”. Nothing else jumps … Continue reading Final eight perform

Final eight power rankings

Power Rankings- Ok, it’s time to take a look at the post-Pia Idol. I mentioned to Colleen that I would take some time and try and figure out what “tricks” these kids have in their bags, and what they have to work on if they are going to take a step forward before they get … Continue reading Final eight power rankings

Pia, Pia, Pia

Years from now we'll remember where we were when Pia Toscono was eliminated from Idol. Ok, that's a gross exaggeration, but losing the best singer of the season this early will leave a huge hole in the show. I’ll cool off by the weekend, but right now I am disgusted. This result is going to … Continue reading Pia, Pia, Pia