Pia, Pia, Pia

Years from now we’ll remember where we were when Pia Toscono was eliminated from Idol. Ok, that’s a gross exaggeration, but losing the best singer of the season this early will leave a huge hole in the show. I’ll cool off by the weekend, but right now I am disgusted. This result is going to go down with Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry as the most shocking eliminations in Idol history. The internet is blowing up, mostly in shock and anger. While there are always a few who want to dance on her grave and say that she sucked, the vast majority are with Pia. Me, I’m not angry so much as I am flabbergasted at how twisted the voting process has become.

The final 13 broke down as 7 females and 6 males; 6 white contestants, 7 of other ethnicities. The final 8 is 2 females (both white) and 6 males; 4 white, and the other 2 rounded out the bottom 3 tonight. This means that the top 6 votegetters tonight were the 6 white people and (not counting the saved Casey a couple of weeks ago) the first 5 eliminations were all female, and all of a non white ethnicity.

Idol has to know, with tonight’s voting, that they have a serious problem. They opened up the show to online voting this year, and text messaging has become a huge part of the process recently, with most phone plans featuring unlimited free texting. Idol received 7 million text votes in season 2. In season 8, the total was 178 million. The show has always reserved the right to toss votes cast by power dialers. They are going to have to do something about the power texters, and maybe the online spam voters.

While it really sucks that Pia is gone, the show will go on. Pia will be ok, I think. In some ways this might help her. Nobody will be tired of her, and she left in a blaze of indignant glory. I hope she uses this undeserved sucker punch as motivation, and doesn’t get discouraged. She has some things to work on, to be a more polished all around performer. She seems like a hard worker, and she seems centered. A little bit of the ole’ “I’ll show THEM” attitude can’t hurt. It sure helped Jennifer Hudson.

Quick Power Rankings:

8: Jacob- I skip over some stuff on performance night, so I didn’t see him blast the voters about “looking in the mirror”. I’m done defending him.

7: Stefano- Did it have to take losing Pia to give him another shot? Please, my man, don’t sing another drippy ballad.

6: Paul- No bottom three means the cougars were out in force. He was the bottom votegetter by phone, and it wasn’t close.

5: Haley- Once the voters get done ethnically cleansing the show, it’s going to be time to get rid of the rest of those bitches who are getting in between them and the pool boys.

4: Lauren- Get out of here, you hussy.

3: Casey- Hey, that could be a female name!!! The beard must be a disguise…

2: James- He looks like Adam, but he’s straight!! Oh, he’s married? Gedoutahere…

1: Scotty- Ok sweetie, the rest are gone. Come rub some lotion on my back, willya? Do you like candy?

Hmmm…. Maybe I am pissed a little….

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