And then there were six

th (4)Stefano Langone made his last stand on Idol tonight. Jacob was the other bottom 2 contestant, and Haley rounded out the bottom 3 just long enough to let America see her squirm a little. I predicted a shocker, mostly in jest, but I think that this was the right result.

I don’t believe that we should see this result as something tragic for Stef. I see his run to seventh place as a triumph. He’s been fighting against a weak voting bloc the entire season, after needing the wild card just to get in the finals. He gets to go out on tour this summer, participate in the finale, and he made a lot of friends on the show. He handled his ouster with great class, and he sang his butt off for his swan song. Good job Stef, and good luck as you find your way in the business.

Next week’s theme is songs from Carole King. I’ll take some time this weekend to do expanded power rankings and study up on Carole’s songbook.

Power Rankings-

6: Jacob– Bottom 2 this week, gots-ta sing in tune to survive

5: Haley– Most improved award, but running out of time

4: Lauren– Been coasting, it’s time to get cracking

3: Casey– Great for the show, but shaky vocals threaten his chances

2: James– Getting the star treatment more than Lauren now

1: Scotty– Fan-base is a runaway train right now

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