1885 Contributors

I only have 7 names on this ballot, so we will be voting as the Cy Young is done: listing our top 4 in order. I think I have the 7 most notable contributors, but write-ins are welcomed. This poll will stay open until midnight Sunday, so you have time if you need to do a little research. The seven are:

Daniel “Doc” Adams
Morgan Bulkeley
Alexander Cartwright
Henry Chadwick
William Hulbert
Al Reach
William Wheaton

Bob’s ballot:

1. William Hulbert
2. Henry Chadwick
3. Doc Adams
4. Al Reach

Just in case you don’t know who Will Wheaton was, he was John Adams to Cartwright’s Thomas Jefferson. Wheaton, along with Cartwright, planned out the original Knickerbocker rules back in 1845. According to a buddy of mine, Wheaton actually came up with the rules, and Cartwright, acting as secretary, just wrote them down. I have no idea if this is exactly true or not, but I do know that Wheaton was a leading force of the Knicks. But, as you may have noticed, I didn’t vote for either.

Terry’s ballot:

1- William Hulbert
2- Alexander Cartwright
3- Daniel “Doc” Adams
4- Henry Chadwick


30 Henry Chadwick
24 William Hulbert
21 Doc Adams
10 Alexander Cartwright
2 Will Wheaton
1 Al Reach

Thanks to all for not voting for Bulkeley. When asked who the worst HOFer is, Bulkeley is the one I usually mention. Figure-head president of the National League for one year, and that gets you in the Hall? He had only marginally more to do with baseball than did Abner Doubleday.

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