This is the initial list of 36 nominees for the 1885 GOR election. Most ballots will not be nearly this large. I have included everyone who might garner a GOR vote who retired (or in some cases died) by 1879. Alphabetically:

Bob Addy
Steve Bellan
Asa Brainard
Tom Carey
Jack Chapman
Bill Craver
Jim Creighton
Candy Cummings
Jim Devlin
Cherokee Fisher
Wes Fisler
Charlie Gould
George Hall
Scott Hastings
Nat Hicks
Steve King
Joe Leggett
Al “Phoney” Martin
Dick McBride
John McMullin
Cal McVey
Everett Mills
Peter O’Brien
Charlie Pabor
Dickie Pearce
Tom Pratt
Al Reach
Count Sensederfer
Harry Schafer
Charley Smith
Al Spalding
Charley Walker
Fred Waterman
Jimmy Wood
Harry Wright
George Zettlein

Bob’s ballot:

1. Jim Creighton
2. Joe Leggett
3. Dick McBride
4. Dickey Pearce
5. Al Spalding
6. Cal McVey
7. Charley Smith
8. Jimmy Wood
9. Wes Fisler
10. Jack Chapman

And my two write-ins are McMullin and Cummings

Terry’s ballot:

Harry Wright
Dickey Pearce
Al Spalding
Dick McBride
Cal McVey
Joe Leggett
Fred Waterman
Charley Smith
Bill Craver
Charlie Gould


Well, the results are in. Nine voters cast ballots. Players who received votes, with their totals:

100 Al Spalding
68 Jim Creighton
67 Cal McVey
60 Dickey Pearce
51 Harry Wright
45 Dick McBride
30 Candy Cummings
20 Asa Brainard
17 Wes Fisler
14 Joe Leggett
11 Jimmy Wood
10 George Hall
8 Jim Devlin
7 Charley Smith
5 Charley Gould
4 Fred Waterman & George Zettlein
2 Bob Addy, Tom Carey, Jack Chapman, Bill Craver & Al Reach

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