Let’s hear it – the second ten ladies

Melinda Ademi- Melinda is part of a growing pack of teenaged girls who never knew a world without Idol in it; Thia Megia, Jessica Sanchez, Jett Hermano (coming later tonight), Allison Iraheta; these girls are all besties with each other, a “brat pack” of sorts related by Idol marriage. Lost Kardashian sister Melinda was on the show a couple of years ago and got quite a bit of air. This year they’ve been holding her back, sort of reprising how they handled Hollie last year. If that’s actually what they are doing, she should be fine tonight. As for her performance, she didn’t really do anything amazing, but she did everything well; it was a tight, solid, professional performance. I’m not sure if looking like a Kardashian is still a good thing.

Candice Glover- She was a lock to advance anyway, but it’s good to know that she can go out there and earn it like that. She was a little sloppy with the occasional note here and there; otherwise she looks like she is ready for the finale. Very impressive, very professional, very charismatic performance.

Juliana Chaheyed- I was glad she brought out her guitar; she didn’t do much with it tonight, but she can really play the hell out of that thing. Her vocal wasn’t very good by Idol standards, and my own hope is that she will be allowed to come back in a few years, when she is mature. She might be the most talented of the bunch, but she is also the youngest. Give it time, kid; don’t be in such a hurry.

Jett Hermano- I don’t think she’s all that unique; she’s just really good. One thing that might be to her advantage if she lasts awhile is that, as an older, more experienced musician, she will be able to cover a wider variety of challenges. I think she has the ability to grow on us, just sayin’. We’ll see if she gets the chance.

Cristobal Clack- If she makes it, get used to the God talk; it’s what she is, what she does. I have no doubt whatsoever that she’ll get a Christian album out, even if she gets bounced tonight. I thought she’d be a goner for sure before she sang, but she did the up tempo she needed to do, and she really didn’t miss any notes (unusual) during her (usual) emotional, energetic performance. She might be a real sleeper to make the tour. Before tonight I wouldn’t have given her a chance in (no pun intended) hell.

Aubrey Cleland- First, Aubrey is a really good singer, so don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she sucks. Other than 15 year old Juliana, though, she was by far the weakest singer so far. The judges had to have noticed that she shied away from her high notes, so even though she sounded really strong at times, her performance was below par for this level of competition. One more year, maybe? She is way better now than she was last year.

Rachel Hale- She doesn’t have a nerve in her body, does she? She is fearless; I mean Honey Boo Boo’s Mother in Walmart wearing a negligee fearless (sorry for the visual). She picked a crowd pleasing song, and she hit most of the big, crowd pleasing notes. Honestly, she ain’t that good a singer, but she does everything else so well that she might be able to overcome it. It’s been a few years since the best singer won, anyway.

Breanna Steer- I know she’s probably a long shot to survive, but I enjoyed her performance. In a pool full of ballad singers, it’s nice to see someone bring some rhythm to the show. Breanna was a weird choice to make the final 40 in the first place, with such a weak upper range, but I don’t think she let it get to her tonight.

Janelle Arthur- I hope they forgive her for the mess in the middle, and judge her by her first verse and how she ended the song. Once she gets through, though, somebody had better remind her that she won’t win Idol by trying to win the Kentucky Derby on a Shetland Pony. She ain’t got the pipes to compete with the big voices, doing dramatic, big note ballads. Stick to what you do best, kid, and keep it sweet and simple.

Zoanette Johnson- I gotta admit, she scares me a little….. I thought they should have bounced her at every point they showed her all season, but for some reason they kept her around. Tonight, she justified the judges. I know music well, and I’ve heard a LOT of singers, and I’m still not completely sure whether she just gave us a command performance, or a train wreck that was so brutal that nobody could identify the bodies. I loved it, though; I thought it was an Idol moment, the first of the year. I thought she was a free square, an automatic out before she sang, but now she’s a lock unless the judges are screwing with us.

A sec while I “safe to in danger” (I didn’t listen to a word from the judges, so I have no idea who they kissed or who they kicked):


  • Candice
  • Zoanette

Older Girls

  • Cristobal
  • Jett

Country Girls

  • Rachel
  • Janelle

Roller Girls

  • Melinda
  • Breanna

Thanks for Coming

  • Aubrey
  • Juliana

It might be the three sets (older girls, country girls, roller girls) going head to head for the final three spots behind Zoanette and Candice. If so, my guess is the top ones listed make it. Another scenario is that Cristobal and Jett are both in, which leaves the last spot for one of the country girls (probably Rachel, she was better tonight), or if no country girl it goes back to a head to head between Melinda and Breanna. I’ll guess, for sport, that the five winners will be:

  • Candice
  • Zoanette
  • Cristobal
  • Rachel
  • Melinda

Jett is first out, followed by Janelle. Ok, let’s get to it….

They totally threw me…. Aubrey and Janelle made it along with Candice, representing the veterans from previous years. Breanna made it, which I didn’t expect but I was hoping for. Zoanette, as I expected, was a clear choice. I’m not complaining, I preferred a couple that they chose over what I expected to happen so I’m thrilled.

The second shift for the guys is tomorrow night, then next week the show goes live, and it’s our turn to vote.

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