Let’s hear it – the first ten fellas

Paul Jolley- He has one of the best voices in the competition, but he needs to sing something that uses it, rather than doing a boring song, then remembering to go high at the end. He really needs to stop talking about his confidence. In some ways he’s the male version of Kree Harrison; she made the live shows.

Johnny Keyser- I don’t know whether to call him John-Boy or Dexter… Dexter is current, so Dexter it is. Ryan made a joke about masculinity, but seriously… there aren’t many candidates for the WGWG this year.

JDA- I wouldn’t call his voice great, but I hope he goes through. Nothing he does will ever be boring.

Kevin Harris- He did a few things he really didn’t need to do, muddying up what was mostly a pleasing performance. I like him a lot, but they stacked this side of the male bracket. He might be up against it.

Chris Watson- If he hits one high note he’s golden, but he sang the entire song in about half an octave. I liked everything about the performance but the singing. It’s a singing competition, so…

Devin Velez- I’d probably dump him, not because he sucks but because he’s a weaker version of too many other singers in the competion. If you ain’t got range, you have to stick the landing and never go out of tune. Is he wearing Bing Crosby’s old sweater?

Elijia Liu- Terrible falsetto, so not the wisest song choice. He has a nice tone, but he needs more experience.

Charlie Askew- Ugh, that last high run was horrible, and he has no power unless he’s screaming. Still, the kid has style – and everyone seems to love him.

Jimmy Smith- He needed to pull off a hit single, and he gave us an album cut. Not a cool, concert burner album cut either; the boring, it’s time to hit the concession stand and get in line for the shitter album cut. Dude can sing, but he has to pick a better song.

Curtis Finch- …. and this is what a cat does with a mouse. He was playing with the song, screwing around, showing off a little, but mostly just having fun, marking time until the real competition starts. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your Idol frontrunner. He was the twentieth singer out of the forty who are singing for their Idol futures, and literally the first one who felt like a polished gem, not a raw, uncut stone.

Gimme a moment while I figure safe to in danger (I skipped forward and didn’t listen to the judges, so I don’t have a clue who they liked)…


  • Curtis Finch
  • JDA


  • Charlie Askew
  • Chris Watson
  • Devin Velez

Really Nervous

  • Johnny Keyser
  • Kevin Harris
  • Paul Jolley

Thanks for Coming

  • Elijia Liu
  • Jimmy Smith

Ok, ready….

Keepers are Curtis, Elijia, Paul, Charlie and Devin. As it’s been all year, I have no idea about the men. Well, other than Curtis Finch; he’s going to be the one to beat. Seeya next week.

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