Final 12 Results/Power Rankings

The judges’ save is in effect again this year. Lacey sang for her life, but there wasn’t a chance in hell that she was going to get the save. She took the news with good grace, and the show ended with her video as Lacey sort of hugged everyone.

David Cook sang at the top of the show, and that was cool. Some rocker chick sang a song that is all over the radio (why, I don’t know; it was boring as hell) and some Lady Gaga impersonator came later. I was ok with the rocker chick, she can play decent guitar, but I fast forwarded through the other one. I like Lady Gaga, but do we really need another one?

Power Rankings

I’m going to add last week’s ranking after their current position, in parenthesis.

11 (12) Tim Urban– He finished tenth in the voting this week, above only Paige.

10 (9) Paige Miles– She could move up the list if she can nail one next week. Her near miss will motivate her voting bloc, if she has one.

9 (11) Katie Stevens– She really needs to sing better, and I am not sure that she can under pressure.

8 (6) Andrew Garcia– He is one more stinker from a permanent residence in the bottom three, or even an early elimination. I am pretty sure that he was one spot from the bottom three this week.

7 (8) Aaron Kelly– He was given a lot of praise this week. While he is probably safe for another couple of weeks, I expect him to start finding the hard chairs soon.

6 (7) Michael Lynche– Mike is very safe for the short term, and when he craps out some high range I will move him up further. Good luck with that, Mike.

5 (4) Lee Dewyze– His voice should keep him safe for awhile, but he doesn’t have any more stage presence than Mike has high range. Eventually this will get him knocked out.

4 (3) Didi Benami– I had her a little bit too high last week, so this is just a correction. I like her more than I like Casey, but it’s hard to be the third female behind a couple of howitzers.

3 (4) Casey James– It’s looking like the real race this year might be for the last man standing. Casey, Mike, Lee, Andrew and Aaron; it could end up being any one of them, depending on who improves and who stumbles. Those five might flip flop a few times over the next few weeks.

2 (2) Siobham Magnus– She didn’t improve her ranking, but she was the contestant that showed the most improvement, and the one that shot the farthest forward in the eyes of the voters. Last week she was maybe a tiny bit ahead of several other contestants, miles behind Crystal. This week she is a lot closer to Crystal than she is to the other contestants. Think of it this way: She is between 75 and 100, 75 being Casey/Didi/Lee in a scrum. Last week she was a 76. This week she is a 94.

1 (1) Crystal Bowersox– Ok, lets get real. Crystal was the 100 last week, and she did nothing to change that in any way. Has she ever missed a note? It’s not like she doesn’t take chances. She is just that good.

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