Season Nine Recap

Wednesday night’s crowning of Lee Dewyze brings the 2010 season, and an era, to a close. Simon Cowell, the dominant personality on the judging table and the most polarizing personality on the show, is leaving to produce “X-Factor”. Musical director Rickey Minor is also leaving to take over the same role with the “Tonight Show” … Continue reading Season Nine Recap


Lee Dewyze is our season nine American Idol. I predicted that Crystal would win last night, but I knew from’s prediction process that Lee was almost certainly going to win. Last season Kris held a tiny advantage over Adam on DI, and won by less than one percent. Lee had a commanding lead on … Continue reading Finale

Final Two Performance Night

Oh my God, Crystal…. I’ll keep this short: Crystal’s last performance was the best song, the best vocal, the best performance of Season 9. Every singer dreams of that one perfect song, that perfect vehicle that allows them to soar above mortality and obscurity and stake their claim to a small piece of eternity. This … Continue reading Final Two Performance Night

Final 3 Results

Tonight, Casey James walked the plank. You probably don’t need me to tell you that Casey was eliminated, you probably already knew, but I have to justify asking you to read this. This sets up what is probably the correct result, a Crystal/Lee finale. Tonight’s show was filled primarily with footage of the final three … Continue reading Final 3 Results

Final 3 Performance Night

I am just about to watch the show. Rhonda Lobe called me a few minutes ago to assure me that Lee blew the doors off tonight and that he is now her pick to win it all. Each singer will sing two songs, one of which was their own choice. The other three songs were … Continue reading Final 3 Performance Night

Final 4 Results/Power Rankings

Michael Lynche is officially out of the competition in fourth place. Here is a round up of the fourth place finishers from past seasons: Season one: Tamyra Gray was a semi-regular on Boston Public, co-wrote a #1 song (“I believe”), starred in 2 Broadway shows and has appeared in several movies in supporting roles. She … Continue reading Final 4 Results/Power Rankings

Final 4 Performance Night

Tonight’s theme is songs of the cinema, and the mentor is Jamie Foxx. Foxx was a mentor last season for Rat Pack week, just a couple of weeks after stepping all over his tongue in an interview about Miley Cyrus. I’ll try to keep an open mind about him, but I admit that I don’t … Continue reading Final 4 Performance Night

Why does this season suck?

Sean Kates and I have been tossing this subject back and forth for a few weeks. Today I had a thought: It’s all Kara’s fault. Well, not exactly. I submit that the largest problem, the largest cause of the "suckiness" of this year's finals, is that they replaced the only stage performer on the judging … Continue reading Why does this season suck?

Final 5 Results/Power Rankings

I was mildly surprised by Aaron’s elimination, but at this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if Crystal was sent home. There wasn’t a bottom three this week, just a bottom two. Casey’s voting block apparently pulled out all the stops, and kept him safe for another week. Big Mike was in the bottom two … Continue reading Final 5 Results/Power Rankings

Final 5 Performance Night

Harry Connick Jr. will be the mentor tonight, as the contestants take a shot at ole’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. I know of a few of his songs, but I have no clue which ones will fit which singers. “Strangers in the Night” is probably my own personal Sinatra favorite, and I am guessing … Continue reading Final 5 Performance Night