Final 16 Results

I’m stunned. It was bad enough that the voters let Alex Lambert down, but Lilly? Lilly was the second or third best female singer every single week. Katelyn was also something of an upset, and Todrick was one of the more creative performers. I wouldn’t say the voters tossed the winner, but they definitely took four of the most interesting contestants out of the game short of the Idol Tour. Yesterday I was willing to spend a lot of money to make it over to Seattle and see the tour, but without Lilly and Alex? I’m not so sure. By the looks on the judges’ faces, they agree with me.

Power rankings

12- Tim Urban… Proof that Simon’s shilling and a cute smile can overcome a lack of talent

11- Katie Stevens… She lives to fight her nerves another week

10- Lacey Brown… One perfect song choice got her past two singers who have been better than her all season

9- Paige Miles… I’m not as bugged about her. She can sing, and I want to hear her again

8- Aaron Kelly… He can be very good, but he needs to get better

7- Michael Lynche… Mike will cruise for awhile, as long as he’s not asked to have any range.

6- Andrew Garcia… He should be tenth, but four trees fell in front of him

5- Casey James… It will be a month before he even needs to show up again

4- Lee Dewyze… Losing Alex will make his voice stand out even more

3- Didi Benami… She is a wild card now. Will she get past her nerves?

2- Siobham Magnus… Suddenly the second strongest contestant

1- Crystal Bowersox… Nobody will outsing her. Will her health hold up?

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