Los Angeles Auditions

The Los Angeles show was barely worth writing about. I don’t care about the bad auditions, so when they spend an hour mostly showing the creeps it’s hard for me to watch. I’ll comment on the ones that they sent through as they come. It won’t take long.

The first segment was wasted on some Dungeons and Dragons player who refused to leave the room. Didn’t they already do that a couple of times? Nobody is going to top creepy serial killer from the first week anyway

Jim Ranger- Very strong contender I think. Avril Lavigne made a big deal out of his family commitments and said no, and Kara said yes but parroted Avril, which is crap. Everyone has obligations that they have to deal with to be on the show. This guy is a minister and a real musician. If the public gets a shot at him he should have a terrific chance to make the final 12.

Three more horrible singers and irritating people later, we were a third of the way through the show. There had been just one short segment shown of an actual singer. They added another 5 minutes of cute kids before finally, FINALLY showing another good singer 23 minutes in, who of course had a cute kid. The audition took about 45 seconds, while the kid got another 2 minutes of airtime:

Mary Powers- I’m guessing that she’s fodder forHollywoodweek. Her voice shook some, though there was some strength in it. I liked her kid better. If she is going to make it much farther she will probably need to show a dramatic change in her look as well as musical style. If all that she does is the rocker she has no chance. She’s not that unique, and just not all that great.

Up next was another segment that has nothing to do with anything unless it’s a buildup to someone that can sing like Adam. The guy that they showed auditioning screamed and caterwauled, and he was rejected. This was the end of day one. 2 singers were shown.

Day two: The first 5 minutes were dedicated to Katy Perry’s (and the other judges in a helicopter) entrance. The first guy was some over the top creepy guy that did a bad Mick Jaggar imitation that would have gotten him gonged at a bad karaoke bar. Next up was a few minutes of watching a bunch of rejected contestants crying.

Finally, 37 minutes into the show, another real singer’s profile and back-story began. It took 2 minutes and some more crying by his father before we got to hear him sing.

Andrew Garcia- This kid is final 12 material. He is, in my mind, the 2nd true standout of the season so far after John Park inChicago. His voice reminded me a lot of Danny Gokey’s from last season, and his range is a good bit higher.

They actually went back to back, and gave us another nice audition:

Tasha Layton- The 2nd minister of the show, I liked her. Nice voice, nice accent, and she looks a lot like one of the contenders from last year that kind of got screwed in the semifinals.

Next up: Creepy guy number four, who I have nothing to say about other than I am glad that I don’t know him. They then did a short segment about Kara and Katy Perry, the guest judge for day two. I didn’t like Katy on the show. Katy is all about Katy, and she kept taking the attention away from the auditions and trying to pull it into her own low cut blouse. With just a few minutes left, the last auditioner came in with the requisite sad backstory, this one about being a foster care kid with nobody to love him. I can understand his pain, but I am guessing that his backstory isn’t going to help him in the competition.

Chris Golightly- Is that his real name? Ouch…… He can sing well enough to make the next level, but I don’t expect that he’ll go much farther than that. Katy hated that Kara talked about his story, mostly because Kara wasn’t talking about Katy, but he made it through anyway.

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