And then there were three

Hollie Cavanagh
Hollie Cavanagh

Hollie couldn’t avoid the axe again, and her unlikely run to the top four ended tonight. I’m dry eyed at her ouster, with no angst or anger. It was her time to go. Hell, it was her time to go a month ago, but I’m glad she got the chance to show us what she’s capable of last week. I’ll miss her a little, but with her leaving Idol might have its closest final three ever.

Power Rankings:

3- Jessica: There is no way to clearly rank the three, they are that close. Jessica is the one who is getting the least love from the judges by miles and miles, so I’ll use that as the tiebreaker for now.

2- Joshua: Do you see him beating Phil? I don’t. If the judges weren’t so desperately trying to pimp him into the finale I would rank him a distant third.

1- Phil: His rendition of “Volcano” last night might have locked up the title. Jess and Josh have overlapping fanbases, so it’s very likely that Phil will cruise into the finale. I’ll use that as the second tiebreaker for now.

Percentage chance of making the finale:

Phil- 90%

Jessica- 60%

Joshua- 50%

Percentage chance of winning:

Phil- 55%

Jessica- 30%

Joshua- 15%

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