Awards Show

With season eleven in the can, it’s time to hand out some awards. I wanted to get Kelly Clarkson to host the show, but I couldn’t get past the restraining order and get her signed up. I’ll just hand them out myself. The teleprompter app on my android doesn’t work, so I’m going to wing … Continue reading Awards Show

Final result and a little speculation

Phil Phillips is the new American Idol!!! Congratulations, Phil; I’ll have more about his win when I recap the season as a whole. Some quick futures speculation on the top 13: 13- Jeremy Rosado: Coming to an Idol reunion show near you 12- Jermaine Jones: Just stay off the police blotter, my man 11- Shannon … Continue reading Final result and a little speculation

Final two perform

Tonight’s finale contestants are a study in opposites. A boy against a girl… A Caucasian against an “Amexipino”…A WGWG (white guy with guitar) and a Diva (Divette?)… Dave Matthews Jr. and Whitney Houston Jr... A growler and, well… a growler... Maybe the smallest voice to ever make the finale against one of the biggest… An … Continue reading Final two perform

Phil-Phil and Jessica at twenty paces

Quick and sweet tonight: Jessica and Phil will face off next week, while Joshua spends the week reviewing documents from Interscope Records. Adam was terrific…. he added a couple of extra competition glory notes to his new single, winking at the judges after he did them. Lisa Marie was weirdly cool, and I kinda like … Continue reading Phil-Phil and Jessica at twenty paces

Final three perform

The contestants will sing three songs each tonight, and there will be three homecoming segments. The first round is judges choice, second round contestant choice, and the third round Jimmy’s choice. I’m curious about Jimmy’s picks more than anything else. He picked some wonky songs for the kids last year, not so much bad songs … Continue reading Final three perform

A look at “The Voice”

I watched The Voice last night, for the first time. Here’s my take on the show, and how I compare it to Idol: What I Like About the Voice - By far the largest advantage The Voice has over Idol is its panelists. Idol has three formidable stars who aren’t by nature suited for the … Continue reading A look at “The Voice”

And then there were three

Hollie couldn’t avoid the axe again, and her unlikely run to the top four ended tonight. I’m dry eyed at her ouster, with no angst or anger. It was her time to go. Hell, it was her time to go a month ago, but I’m glad she got the chance to show us what she’s … Continue reading And then there were three

Final four perform

Two songs each, one duet for each, and one group song. Plenty of drama to deal with: - Will Phil rebound after a bad week? - Will Hollie regress after a good week? - Will Joshua get his 38th standing ovation from the judges? - Will Jessica get her first? One very undramatic thing; who is … Continue reading Final four perform

And then there were four

Of the five contestants left Skylar is the one who least needed to win, so losing her now isn’t as big a bummer for her as it will be for her fans. I’d be surprised if Jimmy doesn’t already have a contract made it up for her, a contract that he’s been carrying around for … Continue reading And then there were four

Final five perform

Two songs from each contestant again; one British song and one from the 1960s. There will be a couple of group numbers tossed in the mix as well. Silvio (Little Steven) is the mentor. There is a rumor going around that Hollie will sing both of her songs from the hard chairs to save her … Continue reading Final five perform