And then there were eight

th (5)
Heejun Han

The voters got it right for the fourth consecutive week. Well done, voters. Heejun Han is Heejun Gone. Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine also landed in the bottom three; one of them an indicator of a contestant nearing the end of her run (Hollie), the other an indicator of a contestant’s fanbase falling asleep (Skylar).

Power Rankings

8: Hollie- Near elimination might shake her, and cause a train wreck next week

7: Deandre- Shocked that he was safe this week

6: Skylar- Shocked that she wasn’t safe this week

5: Elise- Back to back bigtime performances got her off the bubble

4: Joshua- Bottom three getting harder to avoid as they pare down

3: Jessica- Momentum seems to be flattening out, needs to kill an uptempo song

2: Colton- Young cute boys always get a pass from the judges

1: Phil- He ain’t Johnny Lang, but Lang ain’t walking through that door

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