And then there were 12

Jeremy Rosado

Quickly through the show:

– Both genders get their own bottom three this week, so nearly half of the contestants will get their first taste of the hard chairs. This will give us a doubly deeper look at where the votes are going.

– Has anyone else noticed that Ryan clicks his tongue right before he gives bad news? If he’s about to call someone safe he doesn’t do it, but if it’s to the hard chairs he clicks almost every time.

– Mary J. Blige sang one of her songs. She’s really good, and I like a couple of her songs, but this one was too long for me by a couple of minutes. Maybe my attention span can only handle a minute and a half during Idol season. I forgot to mention this last night, but I thought she was a terrific mentor with some really good, concise advice for at least a couple of the singers. A couple of years ago she was a guest judge and she sucked, so I was nervous about her as a mentor.

– Wow, Elise was the bottom girl? Jimmy, I blame it on you. Making her do a frigging Kamakaze Karoaoke song with this much at stake? I just hope she gets something cool to sing next week. Oh, she’ll be here next week. Seeya, Jeremy. There is no way they are keeping you over Elise.

– Jessica took it harder than anyone else when Jeremy got the boot, staring off into space with tears running down her cheeks. It reminded me of season 9, when most of the girls were bawling like babies after Alex Lambert got the boot right before the finals. J-Lo wasn’t crying, but she was obviously pissed that she had to be the one to tell him the bad news. She didn’t want him to go at all, even though he ain’t even a wart on Elise’s butt as a singer. Way to be objective, there, J-Lo….

Power Rankings:

Scrapping to make the tour

12- Jermaine


10- Erika

9- Elise

Need to be careful

8- Joshua

7- Deandre

Some breathing room at the moment

6- Hollie


Naked Emperors

4- Heejun

3- Phil-Phil

Building a case for the Nokia

2- Skylar

1- Jessica

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