Final 13 power rankings

13- Erika Van Pelt: Not most the likely to leave next week (somebody else will screw up), but probably the least likely to make the tour

12- Deandre Brackensick: Falsetto apparently already getting old with the public

11- Jermaine Jones: One trick pony, but what a trick

10- Shannon Magrane: The new Katie Stevens

9- Jeremy Rosado: Not enough voice to last, but winning the popularity contest at the moment

8- Hollie Cavanagh: Huge voice is only major attribute, but could get momentum as the little blonde engine that could

7- Heejun Han: He’ll last as long asAmerica still likes his jokes

6- Joshua Ledet: Specter of Jacob Lusk hangs over him

5- Skylar Laine: Wild card contender, will southern bloc still love her in a month?

4- Colton Dixon: Unique within the competition, if not all that unique in the rest of the world

3- Elise Testone: One of only a couple left who can blow up a big uptempo song a well as a ballad

2- Jessica Sanchez: She seems to be able to do everything with a huge amount of style, passion and energy

1- Phil Phillips: You can’t fight city hall

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