Awards Show

For some reason my invites to a raft of B-list celebrities got lost in the mail, so I’ll be handing the awards out myself. Let's skip the teleprompter jokes and get right to it: -------------------------------------------- Public Awards The first bank of awards is based on the results from the public voting, from the semifinals to … Continue reading Awards Show

Where Are They Now?

These are in order of finish, for the most part, from when I started listening (season 7 top 12) to the end of season 9. I didn’t take too much time on the Idols who are in the mainstream (David Cook, Adam Lambert, etc.) and I played favorites. This explains why I wrote more about … Continue reading Where Are They Now?

Taking it to the Nokia

I’ll list all 24 in bullet format: The Gentlemen: - Clint Jun Gamboa- He held back most of his song but ended well; didn’t get top 5 or a wild card opportunity. He would have done better in almost any other season. - Jovany Barreto- Sang to an empty room due to a production glitch, … Continue reading Taking it to the Nokia

Road to the live stage

This is all culled from the previous season 10 recaps, with a few grammer and spelling errors corrected. Jan 19; If you stuck through to the end last year, I salute you. If you gave up early, I don’t blame you but I hope that you’ll give the show another shot. 2011 will be the … Continue reading Road to the live stage

Finale “live” bloggin’

8:00- Ryan’s opening salvo 8:04- The final 13 sing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. Everyone looks terrific, and they kept it together really well. This is a really good song, with a hook (19, pay attention) and a commercial melody. Scotty and Lauren came to the front at the end of the song and did … Continue reading Finale “live” bloggin’

Scotty and Lauren

A few bullet comments: - The show seemed almost frantic after the fairly leisurely pace of most performance shows. It was like…… Get up get set sing get the hell out of the way the next song is coming up shut up Randy you windbag ok Scotty you are next bring out the drumline get … Continue reading Scotty and Lauren

A redneck shindig

I have come to praise Haley Reinhart, not to bury her. Thy judges dast ruin thyne sleep whist in feted contemplation of thy evil deeds; ast thy noble Nigel hath decreed; Lauren ist thy chosen one; if thy rendered deed dost create thystench of grievous miscarriage, dost thou dane damn Nigel withst faintest praise whilst Haley lives? … Continue reading A redneck shindig

Stumblin’ Dice

The singers, the songs: Round one (contestant choice)- Scotty, “Amazed”, Lonestar By now we all know what these kids sound like, how they move, and what we would call a typical level of performance for each of them. Scotty was typical on Amazed. Not bad, not great, just typical Scotty. I expect that this won’t … Continue reading Stumblin’ Dice

And then there were three

I was really surprised when JD got the boot. I mentioned last week that the voting was very close (behind Scotty, who is running away with it so far), but I was pretty sure that JD was safe this week. Haley got hammered by the judges AGAIN, didn’t sing as well as she had the … Continue reading And then there were three

Final four perform

The singers, the songs- James, “Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey JD has a bigger voice than even Steve Perry does so he deserves some props, but he didn't challenge himself with this song. JD didn’t pull the emotion out of the song like Perry did, so to me the performance was pleasant, but somewhat empty and … Continue reading Final four perform