And then there were 12

Written earlier today:

I can’t watch the show tonight, but I did find out the results. I’ll watch and post something on the show tomorrow night (Adam Lambert is singing!!!!!!). If you haven’t watched the show yet, stop reading if you don’t want to know who got tossed.

I ran on way too late last night, so I didn’t post grades for the performances. Here they are:

Lauren: C-

Casey: D+

Ashthon: C+

Paul: F

Pia: B

James: B-

Haley: C+

Jacob: C

Thia: C+


Karen: C-

Scotty: C

Naima: B-

Other than Paul (and Casey) they all sang fairly well. I am going to try to be tough, so that I don’t end up having to give everyone A’s all the time when we get closer to the finale and they are all pouring it on. C is a good, solid performance by the standards of a national talent show. I dunned Jacob, Casey and Stefano some for their intonation. Casey was so out of tune that I just couldn’t give him higher than a D, and I rethought Jacob’s wildly out of tune theatrics as well. I might have to be kinder to them later on, when the sheer power of performance overcomes intonation problems. We’ll see.



Ashton Jones
Ashton Jones

Karen, Haley and Ashthon all went to the hard chairs. Karen was saved first, then Haley. This left Ashthon singing for the judges’ save, which of course she didn’t get. Ashthon is gone. Oops, judges. Is it too late to get “other” Lauren back? Crap.

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