Group Night

For tonight, quickly, here are the “ins” and “outs” for group night among the singers that we’ve already seen:

Lara Johnston, 20– She made it to group night before getting dumped. I had her gone already.

(Added later: Idol “tossed” a few of the group night casualties during the first round show. Editing license, I guess)

40- Tiffany Rios, 21– Dumped by the contestants, then dumped by the judges.

39- Ashley Sullivan, 25– In, though she almost quit the night before during rehearsal.

38Jordan Dorsey, 21- In, and I take back the likeable kid part. He’s an arrogant ass.

37- Hollie Cavanagh, 17– In, which surprised me. She was way out of tune.

36- Briell Von Hugel, 16– In, and impressive in her group.

35- Emma Henry, 15– Out, and she was NOT impressive. She seemed lost in her group, and her voice wasn’t nearly strong enough to hang with the others.

34- Julie Zorrilla, 20– In, and I still don’t have any kind of feel for how good she is.

33- Janelle Arthur, 20– Parking break girl is gone.

32- Chelsee Oaks, 23– The Exe is still in, but I don’t get why. She was pretty bad.

31- Adrienne Beasley, 22– Out, shown crying but not aired singing.

30- Melinda Ademi, 16– They showed her a couple of times, but I didn’t see whether she made it through or not.

29Rob Bolin, 23– He’s out.

28- Brittany Mazur, 21- I didn’t see her.

27- Karen Rodriguez, 21– She is still in, and she sang very well.

26- Emily Ann Reed, 26– She is out, and she wasn’t aired singing.

25- Tiwan Strong, 29- Not seen, he might be gone.

24- Jimmy Allen, 25- Not seen, he might be gone as well.

23- Scotty McCreery, 16- Still in.

22- Clint Jun Gamboa, 26– In, and very impressive. He’s a contender, and he will jump way up unless something weird happens tomorrow night. I was way wrong about his vocal power. He has a howitzer.

21- Chris Medina, 26- In, but again I wasn’t all that impressed with him.

20- Rachel Zevita, 22– They showed her a few times, but there was no mention that I saw of in or out.

19- Naima Adedapo, 25– She is in, but I didn’t get the huge voice vibe from her that I thought that I might get. Hopefully she’ll get some airtime tomorrow night.

18- Molly DeWolf Swensen, 22- I saw her, but they didn’t get to her so I don’t know if she is still in or not.

17- Brett Loewenstern, 16- In, and chugging right along. He really should be ranked higher.

16- Jerome Bell, 27- No sign of him.

15- Jackie Wilson, 28- No sign of her.

14- Thia Megia, 15- I didn’t see her. These last three, I believe that they are probably still in the competition since they were featured both at their audition and on FHS.

12-13- The Guiterrez brothers- One in, one out. I have no idea which is which. Maybe that will get sorted out tomorrow.

11- John Wayne Schultz, 23- He was up there singing, and he didn’t sound all that good, but Steven was joking with him. No idea of in or out right now.

10- Jacee Badeaux, 15- In after a very rough night. I would be shocked if he isn’t shown singing tomorrow night.

9- Paris Tassin, 23- She was way out of tune again, and they bounced her. Now that’s a tumble for ya. From standout to gone in two shows.

8- Kenzie Palmer, 15- I didn’t see her.

7- Scott Dangerfield, 22- Still no sign of him, which is a very bad sign.

6- Paul McDonald, 25- Not shown, but I assume he’s still in.

5- Stefano Langone, 21- Not shown singing, but he was there.

4- Lauren Alaina, 15- Still in, apparently still on the fast track.

3- James Durbin, 21- Still in, still overdoing it, and still cruising to the live shows.

2- Casey Abrams, 19- In, and cruising.

1- Robbie Rosen, 16- Duh.


Others spotted:

Caleb Hawley, 25– In.

Devyn Rush, 20- She is out now. I had her out last week.

Jovany Barreto, 23-Still in.

Alyson Jados, 26- She is out now. I had her out last week.

Danny Pate, 23– I think he was knocked out, but not sure.

Matt Dillard, 27- No doubt here. Matt was there tonight, but he is out now.

Courtney Penry, 17- She is out now. I had her out last week.

Caleb Johnson, 19– In.

Matthew Nuss, 25– I should know, but I’m not sure. He was aired.

A couple to watch:

Carson Higgins- Not much of a voice, but a massive personality

Jacob Lusk- Not much of a personality, but a massive voice

Lauren Turner – Big, brassy belter, might have the best voice on the girls’ side of the draw.

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