And then there were five

The show, quickly: The lead singer of the Queen tribute group… is it me or did he look (and sound) like a cross between Freddy Mercury and George Thorogood? That song is bad to the bone… Brian May and Roger Taylor are still really, really good; maybe as good as they were at their peak. … Continue reading And then there were five

Final 6 Perform

Ryan is sick as a dog tonight. There was talk that Nigel might have to fill in for him as the host, but he managed to get through it. According to the source they have buckets set up all over the stage area, just in case. The contestants sing two again tonight; one from Queen … Continue reading Final 6 Perform

And then there were six

Right at the top of the show they flashed a sign on the screen that said “Another results shocker on Idol”. With Hollie and Elise already in the bottom three, that last group of three had to be where the loser was coming from. Jessica was sent to safety first, which pretty much wrote Colton’s … Continue reading And then there were six

Encore, encore

Fourteen performances tonight; one new anything and one old soul song from each of the seven contestants. I’m ok with old soul, I’m sort of an old soul myself, but just once I’d like to tune in and see one of them run out on stage in canary yellow spandex, teased out frizzy hair and … Continue reading Encore, encore

A play worthy of Shakespeare

Tonight’s show featured a pair of really cool performances by former Idols James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson. Is it just me, or do former Idols always sing way better than the other acts they bring on the show? Oh, wait; there was another act to perform: The most entertaining act of the night was a … Continue reading A play worthy of Shakespeare

Final seven perform

The singers, the songs: Skylar, “Don’t Know How Much I Loved You” (Kellie Pickler) It wasn’t a perfect vocal; she had a few breathing imperfections, some weird phrasing choices, and she betrayed her nervousness about the highest note in the chorus a bit, though she hit it ok. Skylar’s an amateur; she’ll fix those flaws. … Continue reading Final seven perform

And then there were seven

There were no surprises in the bottom three. The voters chose the same ones that I did (Hollie, Deandre and Elise). Hollie surprisingly was sent to safety first (I was pretty sure she was cooked, and I sort of expected Elise to be the first one safe). Deandre got the green weenie this week instead, … Continue reading And then there were seven

Final 8 perform

Songs from the 1980’s is the theme tonight, with Gwen Stefani mentoring (music mentor, not fashion mentor, thank God). I sent a list of songs to Bob and Mindy, songs that I would personally like to hear them sing (the contestants, not Bob and Mindy). I was oh-fer. My list: Deandre: “She Drives me Crazy” … Continue reading Final 8 perform

And then there were eight

The voters got it right for the fourth consecutive week. Well done, voters. Heejun Han is Heejun Gone. Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine also landed in the bottom three; one of them an indicator of a contestant nearing the end of her run (Hollie), the other an indicator of a contestant’s fanbase falling asleep (Skylar). … Continue reading And then there were eight

Final nine perform

The Singers, the Songs: Colton, “Everything” (Lifehouse) No creepy eyes this week; he was charismatic and he owned the stage. Vocally he was vintage Colton, and his voice easily carried the song to where it needed to go. I can see him going the route of Christian Rock and doing very well, if the secular … Continue reading Final nine perform