1930 Manager election

A crowded ballot, and yet the outcome seems inevitable. The also-rans will be jockeying for the ’40 spot.

4 Charlie Comisky
1 Miller Huggins
1 Fielder Jones
1 John McGraw
1 Pat Moran
1 Wilbert Robinson
2 George Stallings
3 Patsy Tebeau


Nothing surprising here. Eight ballots, eight 1st place votes for McGraw. Only sort of odd thing is that all seven of the others on the ballot all received at least one vote, with a tie for second. The results:

40 John McGraw
15 Miller Huggins
15 Wilbert Robinson
9 George Stallings
4 Fielder Jones
3 Pat Moran
1 Charley Comisky
1 Patsy Tebeau

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