Sorry, guys, but there are 21 new names to look at. Most will be quickly dismissed and never heard from again. Good players all, but not a lot of them are great. This election will end Tuesday.

1 John Anderson
1 Jimmy Barrett
1 Shad Barry
1 Harry Bay
1 Dave Brain
8 Cupid Childs 7th
9 Jack Clements
1 Jimmy Collins
2 Tommy Corcoran
2 Lave Cross 9th
1 Bill Coughlin
3 Hugh Duffy 3rd
4 Duke Farrell
13 Dave Foutz
2 Buck Freeman
3 Mike Grady
11 Mike Griffin 10th
3 Noodles Hahn
1 Emmet Heidrick
1 Charlie Hickman
7 Dummy Hoy
1 Fielder Jones
11 Bill Joyce
1 Joe Kelley
5 Herman Long 8th
2 Bobby Lowe
12 Denny Lyons
1 Ed McFarland
1 Dan McGann
1 Joe McGinnity
3 John McGraw 6th
10 Ed McKean
3 Sam Mertes
15 Tony Mullane 4th
11 Billy Nash
1 Ossie Schrenkengost
3 Kip Selbach
1 Socks Seybold
1 Ed Siever
1 Jimmy Slagle
8 Elmer Smith
3 Chick Stahl
1 Sammy Strang
1 Dummy Taylor
2 Jack Taylor
10 Mike Tiernan 5th
1 John Warner
6 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Mullane
2. Collins
3. McGinnity
4. Kelley
5. Cross
6. Jones
7. Tiernan
8. Griffin
9. Duffy
10. Childs

Terry’s ballot:

1. Joe McGinnity- 10 seasons in the majors; led the league in wins 5 times. Played professionally until he was 54 years old and won nearly 500 games. I see no reason to make him wait.
2. Tony Mullane
3. Hugh Duffy
4. Jimmy Collins– He’s going in, obviously; if not this year then very soon. I don’t mind him waiting a year or two.
5. Mike Tiernan
6. John McGraw
7. Joe Kelley- Good player; maybe not a clear Hall of Famer, though. He looks like a perfect middle level D to me.
8. Cupid Childs
9. Herman Long
10. Kip Selbach

Honorable Mention

Chief Zimmer
Elmer Smith

Interesting players/people
Socks Seybold- Not the luckiest ballplayer I’ve ever seen. He was a slugger who was born 30 years too early, and like Gavy Gravvath he wasted several prime years in the minors. He died in a car accident, 51 years old, married for many years but childless. He held the AL record for homeruns from 1902 until Babe Ruth broke it in 1919.

Jimmy Slagle- The champion Cubbies’ Cesar Geronimo.

Dummy Taylor- If you haven’t read his wiki page, you should. He was a fascinating, impressive guy. He faced Dummy Hoy one time, and Hoy got 2 hits off of him. Imagine if he had knocked Hoy down. Not to make light of sign language, but I would have loved to have seen that argument.


Results from 8 ballots…

96 Jimmy Collins
82 Joe McGinnity
56 Hugh Duffy
51 Joe Kelley
38 Tony Mullane
29 John McGraw
27 Mike Tiernan
20 Herman Long
19 Fielder Jones
18 Cupid Child
14 Lave Cross
7 Jack Clements
7 Chief Zimmer
5 Elmer Smith
4 Mike Griffin
4 Denny Lyons
4 Billy Nash
3 Dummy Hoy
2 Bill Joyce
1 Noodles Hahn
1 Kip Selbach

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