Jenna Renae

jenna renaeShe has a tremendous voice, lots of power, with a charismatic tone and some sensitivity, but at the same time she tends to clip off the ends of her phrases a little too much. A lot of that is probably caused by exertion – see her showcase performance – but she was doing it when she was standing still, too.

I said at the beginning of the season that she was capable of a moment, and I still think she is. It will almost certainly come with a piano in front of her.

Jenna’s showcase round performance:

Another competition veteran, Jenna was on America’s Got Talent in season 10:

Semifinal performance: “My Church” – Maren Morris

Jenna has a terrific voice and she can sing melodies all night long, but whenever she tries to go big or go low she loses her intonation. I think she needed to be perfect tonight, and she wasn’t.

Jenna Renae with Scotty McCreery “See you tonight” – Scotty McCreery

th (1)It seems like Jenna has enjoyed her time on the show… if this is it, and it almost certainly is, she went out well, singing well and smiling. She has a weird combination of skills for an older contestant; she has a strong upper range but a comparatively weak lower range, and she has a fantastic tone but terrible phrasing. This combination of skills and weaknesses is normal for a 15 year old, but not so much for an older contestant. She has all the hard things, the things that can’t be taught, but she needs to work out the easy things. The teachable things.

Jenna looks so much like Kree Harrison that they could be sisters. Kree had similar talents – big voice, sweet tone, strong upper range – but she went through all her teachable moments before she came on the show.

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