On Science and the Limits of Human Perception

The way I see it Science is a long-term work in progress, and it seems like the more science learns the more it establishes just how little it knows. I’m taking Chemistry right now, and there are a raft of current rules about subatomic particles – very specific, clearly defined rules – that are clearly transient. I’ve written about the Planck Length, and there is also a Planck time measure (the shortest measurable length of time). The physical rules of subatomic particles are fixed based not on their own properties, but on our ability to measure their properties. I understand why we have these limited measures. Our senses, even with the technology we are developing, severely limit our ability to analyze the tiny particles that make us and the massive distances that make the universe. We are a long ways from making Star Wars a reality. I consider it a triumph of human perception that we can even imagine Star Wars at our current level of evolution.

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