Dipoto interview after Leonis Martin Trade

M’s General Manager discusses Trade with Rangers


Seattle Mariners General Manager Jerry DiPoto, the busiest man in baseball thus far this off-season, explained how his latest move – the acquisition of Leonis Martin and Anthony Bass from the Texas Rangers – filled a pair of gaping holes on the roster in an interview with MLB.com on November 17, 2015.

Dipoto, who called Martin “one of the premier defensive centerfielders in baseball,” expects him to play every day in center for the M’s. According to Dipoto Martin, an aggressive hitter with “wrap power when he gets around on the ball” will bat in the lower third of the order, where he can make use of his speed, occasional pop and baserunning Martinability without being exposed by his impatient approach.

Dipoto, describing Bass as a “multi-inning right hander,” said that he “gives us some flexibility and some depth on our pitching staff … a group that was becoming decidedly left-handed.” Dipoto speculated on Bass’s ability to pitch in key late inning roles as well. “Nobody has unleashed … Bass in a short role” he said, adding that Bass might see his bassvelocity increase if he is only used in “short sprints.”

Dipoto was anxious to get Martin together with the team, so he can make the adjustment to his new surroundings. “I think [hitting coach] Edgar Martinez is going to have a great influence on him,” Dipoto said, and he also believes Robbie Cano and former teammate Nelson Cruz will be positive influences, helping Martin adjust to Safeco Field, a notoriously difficult hitters’ park.

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