Oklahoma City

Karl Skinner, 26: He reminds of a lot of Casey Abrams. At 26 years old (Casey was 19 when he auditioned) he should have a better grasp on his manic energy, and hopefully his colon works better. He’s more sleeper than contender in a year like this one, but I’m optimistic. He should change his name to Leonard so he can be ‘Lenny Skinny, the Oklahoma Jew’.

Nate Tao, 24: Sign Language. He was cruising along most of the song, but it kind of got away from him near the end. I like his tone and his range, but I’m far from sold on his intonation, especially when he gets up in his high range. He’ll have to prove that he can hit those notes accurately and consistently to emerge as a contender. Is it me, or does he look a little bit like Gilbert Gottfried?

Halie Hilburn, 27: Ventriloquist. Her voice is really good, but not all that unique. Did the puppet have a hernia or something? Did he off himself? Where was the husband when he landed in the dumpster? Tune in next week…

Zoanette Johnson, 19: On Naval ships, they have this thing called a CIWS (close-in weapons system), usually pronounced “sea-whiz”. When activated, it sprays massive streams of bullets as it spins around wildly, the idea being that it can detonate an incoming bomb if one of those bullets finds a target. I imagine you can figure out where I’m going with this.

I guess I should note crying guy since he got a ticket, but they didn’t mention his name. He’ll be easy to spot in Hollywood; he’ll be the crying guy.

Kayden Stephenson, 16: Cystic Fibrosis. Nicki said baby Michael; I thought he actually sounded a bit more like little Stevie, but that could just be because he sang a Stevie song. I have no idea what his chances are on the show, but he’s one famous little duck now. Autocorrect, please don’t fix that on me…

Dude Looks Like a Lady, I dunno… 82 years old? It’s not nice to sue Nigel; he’ll make you wear your prom dress on national TV.

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