Gram from Trois-Rivières – Part II

In which the author 'rends his garments' so to speak.   Jesus F Christ, my writing is just…terrible. What a bunch of sappy, artsy-fartsy crap. Let’s get real here, as much as I can. My Grandmother was born in 1904, big family, Catholic, poor. She liked her father, had a contentious relationship with her mother. … Continue reading Gram from Trois-Rivières – Part II

Gram from Trois-Rivières

Quebec City is probably an interesting place. But if you mosey along the north bank of the St Lawrence Seaway, going west about 80 miles, you come to Trois-Rivières. We’ll stop there, even though another 80 or so miles would get you to Montreal, a place with some international renown. Yes, we’ll stop there, because … Continue reading Gram from Trois-Rivières