2021 Results

The ballots have been submitted and tallied.  Before proceeding, I just wanted to mention that, once again this year, it was very satisfying to see so many new posters participating in this process. We welcome and encourage you to participate not only in our occasional votes and contests, but also to participate in the various Reader Posts threads. New voices and perspectives are always welcome. We urge you to enrich the site with your participation in Reader Posts if it’s something that interests you. Remember, there’s no one else out there who possesses your exact combination of experiences, opinions, and insights. We encourage you to share your wisdom with your fellow Bill James Online members. Here are the results of the 2021 Gallery of Renown voting: There were 53 ballots submitted this year, down a bit from the 64 we had last year, but still pretty healthy. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a ballot and for continuing to support the memory of our friend Bob Gregory and his brainchild. Remember that points were awarded MVP-style: 10 players per ballot, in order, with 14 points for each 1st place, 11 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  If a ballot was submitted with fewer than 10 names, I did not include it in the results. Below are the results, sorted by point total, pending any corrections that our independent auditors may notice. Also, it shows the breakdown of how many of each “place” they received (# of 1st place votes, # of 2nd place votes, etc.), as well as the number of total votes (that is, how many ballots that the player was included on), the % of ballots in which the candidate was included, and the total points received. No player was named on all 53 ballots, and 32 players received at least one vote. 11 different players received at least 1 first place vote. According to the structure of this voting, the top 2 point recipients are inducted into the Gallery of Renown. Congratulations to Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling! We’ll start working on the plaques immediately.  Mussina received the highest # of first place votes (13), and also was named on a higher % of ballots (94%) than any other player. Schilling was one of 4 players named on 81% of the ballots, but he did well with the more valuable votes at or near the top of the ballot (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place), and that made the difference for him. Larry Walker, Manny Ramirez, Roy Halladay, and Vlad Guerrero ended up in a tight 4-way battle for 3rd through 6th place, and they will all return on next year’s ballot. Scott Rolen, Gary Sheffield, Kenny Lofton, and Jim Edmonds rounded out the top 10.
Voting Results:

Name12345678910# of Ballots% of BallotsTotal Points
Mike Mussina1315892001115094.3%492
Curt Schilling117863411024381.1%384
Larry Walker46636546214381.1%291
Manny Ramirez84653321013362.3%284
Roy Halladay34685382314381.1%280
Vlad Guerrero44664644324381.1%280
Scott Rolen342511232323769.8%239
Gary Sheffield34143444213056.6%193
Kenny Lofton10402462963464.2%132
Jim Edmonds10302224111630.2%83
Todd Helton00001834252343.4%79
Rafael Palmeiro03111112021222.6%71
Bobby Abreu00021312221324.5%51
Kevin Brown01010115221324.5%48
Bernie Williams2001001023917.0%46
Johan Santana0011122011917.0%42
David Cone00000231231120.8%32
Andruw Jones00002120231018.9%32
Jeff Kent00011011421018.9%30
Andy Pettitte010000012159.4%19
Sammy Sosa0000001410611.3%18
Omar Vizquel000010201047.5%16
Lance Berkman000010102159.4%15
Trevor Hoffman001000011147.5%14
Torii Hunter000010011035.7%11
Billy Wagner000000012259.4%9
Jorge Posada000001001247.5%9
Carlos Delgado000010001135.7%9
Mark Buehrle000001010135.7%9
Tim Hudson000010010023.8%9
Jamie Moyer000000010235.7%5
Jason Giambi000000000111.9%1

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