2020 Results

The ballots have been submitted and tallied. Here are the results of the 2020 Gallery of Renown voting: There were 64 ballots tallied this year. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a ballot and for continuing to support the memory of our friend Bob Gregory and his brainchild. Remember that points were awarded MVP-style: 10 players per ballot, in order, with 14 points for each 1st place, 11 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  As we have done in the past, if a ballot was submitted with fewer than 10 names, I did not include it in the results. Below are the results, sorted by point total, pending any corrections that our independent auditors may find. Also, it shows the breakdown of how many of each “place” they received (# of 1st place votes, # of 2nd place votes, etc.), as well as the number of total votes (that is, how many ballots that the player was included on), the % of ballots in which the candidate was included, and the total points received. No player was named on all 64 ballots. 33 players received at least one vote. According to the structure of this voting, the top 2 point recipients are inducted into the Gallery of Renown. Congratulations to Derek Jeter and John Smoltz! Jeter was inducted in his debut year on the ballot, while Smoltz made it in on his 6th attempt. We’ll start working on the plaques immediately.  Jeter was a runaway winner, receiving 56% of the first place votes. Mike Mussina and Vlad Guererro gave Smoltz a run for his money, and finished in 3rd and 4th place respectively. Mussina was actually named on more ballots than Smoltz was, but Smoltz outpointed Mussina on those all-important first and second place votes. 

Name12345678910# of Ballots Named On% of Total Ballots Named OnTotal Points
Derek Jeter3610631 141 6296.9%707
John Smoltz61110685451 5687.5%433
Mike Mussina2711118942225890.6%391
Vlad Guerrero4111035963 15281.3%387
Curt Schilling55465533444468.8%287
Roy Halladay153958464 4570.3%268
Manny Ramirez38553421113351.6%257
Larry Walker3 458281544062.5%216
Scott Rolen 2213765884265.6%161
Gary Sheffield11143231242234.4%112
Kenny Lofton1  51345242539.1%109
Jim Edmonds 13 33344 2132.8%100
Rafael Palmeiro2 2 1111 1914.1%63
Bernie Williams 1 13 12511421.9%57
Jeff Kent   22 13541726.6%53
Kevin Brown 11 1 23231320.3%49
Trevor Hoffman  1  214211117.2%39
Lance Berkman 1 11 131 812.5%39
Bobby Abreu   1121121914.1%35
Todd Helton   11 11331015.6%29
David Cone     11 43914.1%20
Jorge Posada     122 169.4%20
Sammy Sosa      2113710.9%16
Andruw Jones  1   1  246.3%14
Carlos Delgado      1 24710.9%12
Johan Santana    1  1 134.7%10
Billy Wagner        1457.8%6
Andy Pettitte       1 234.7%5
Jamie Moyer       1  11.6%3
Omar Vizquel        1 11.6%2
Jason Giambi        1 11.6%2
Cliff Lee         111.6%1
Adam Dunn         111.6%1

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