2020 Manager Election

written by Dan Marks

The ballots have been submitted and tallied. Here are the results of the 2020 Gallery of Renown voting for managers, which we only conduct once every 10 years. There were 44 ballots tallied this year. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a ballot and for continuing to support the memory of our friend Bob Gregory and his brainchild. Remember that points were awarded MVP-style: 10 players per ballot, in order, with 14 points for each 1st place, 11 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd, then 7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  As we have done in the past, if a ballot was submitted with fewer than 10 names, I did not include it in the results. Below are the results, sorted by point total, pending any corrections that our independent auditors may find. Also, it shows the breakdown of how many of each “place” they received (# of 1st place votes, # of 2nd place votes, etc.), as well as the number of total votes (that is, how many ballots that the player was included on), the % of ballots in which the candidate was included, and the total points received. No candidate was named on all 44 ballots. Each of the 20 candidates was named on at least 1 ballot. According to the structure of this voting, the top 2 point recipients are inducted into the Gallery of Renown. Congratulations to Bruce Bochy and Tom Lasorda! We’ll start working on the plaques immediately.  Bochy was a fairly clear cut winner, as he was named on over 93% of the ballots and had more first and second place votes than anyone. Lasorda got a little nervous, but managed to hang on ahead of the Billy Martin/Davey Johnson/Jim Leyland cluster to finish in second place. 

PlaceName12345678910Total Points# of Ballots Appeared On% of Total Ballots
1Bruce Bochy151062421 1 4224193.2%
2Tom Lasorda8754724 2 3293988.6%
3Billy Martin656535321 2853681.8%
4Davey Johnson57642414122753681.8%
5Jim Leyland37862223322723886.4%
6Lou Piniella13225372851773886.4%
T-7Dusty Baker2 151354611372863.6%
T-7Ralph Houk132242324 1372352.3%
9Joe Maddon 2 43632 51212556.8%
10Mike Scioscia1 143234311092250.0%
11Tom Kelly  3135 225892147.7%
12Felipe Alou1 11122413701636.4%
13Gene Mauch  11113425591840.9%
14Red Schoendienst  111413 1551227.3%
15Cito Gaston1   1 3243491431.8%
16Buck Showalter   1211 53411329.5%
17Jack McKeon  11  24 136920.5%
18Charlie Manuel    1  21418818.2%
19Buck Rodgers         2224.5%
20Mike Hargrove         1112.3%

 Billy Martin made a valiant effort, but he fell just short in his 4th and final attempt on the ballot. Per the GOR rules, his eligibility has now expired, along with Ralph Houk, Gene Mauch, and Red Schoendienst. All of the other managers who were not elected will return in 10 years, and there will be some solid contenders.  Any hot new candidates next time around? Well, Terry Francona will be eligible by then. Beyond that….I guess we’ll just have to see how the next decade unfolds.

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