Mindy’s trip to Cooperstown to meet Bob’s 19th century committee friends and spread some of his ashes

Hey Terry,
Sending you a few pics from this past weekend. Caitlin and I went to Cooperstown to spread some of Bob’s ashes and did so when the 19th Century Committee was having their annual meeting so some of his friends could come.

This year the Overlooked Legends crew which Bob was a part of were selected to be on the panel discussion (Bob knew about it and was really excited for the guys). I don’t know who the third guy on the right is…that is where Bob would have been…other members are Joe Williams and Adam Darowski. The moderator, John Thorn, spoke of Bob at the beginning of the discussion and Caitlin and I were lucky to be there.

At the Hall of Fame are statues on the side and that’s where Joe, Marjorie Adams (Doc Adams’ great granddaughter), Bob’s brother John, Caitlin and I went Saturday night to spread a few ashes. I included a couple of those pics as well.

It was great to see everyone and we took a bunch of Bob’s books (4 boxes) for people to take if they wanted…all of them got taken. We auctioned some as well for the memorial here in town. Some are going for to a group who do a Christmas party for kids surviving cancer every year and there’s always requests for baseball books. I still have more. Even with technology…Bob loved the actual books.

I’m glad Caitlin went with me. It was bittersweet, not the same without him and I have no plans to go back but who knows.

I have also attached a picture of the quilt I made out of Bob’s favorite shirts. I sleep with it every night and it’s comforting.

The monument has been made and is in town for the first major league game in Fort Wayne. We don’t have a definite date yet but will be in May some time for the dedication. Bob would have been so very excited.

It’s been good for me to have things to focus on that honor him. He was my best friend…miss him so much…but I wouldn’t have him hang on for me. He fought like hell for years and I’m grateful for every day.



  1. This is a very sweet story. I read Bob’s account of his “journey” on the Bill James web site, and it brought tears to my eyes more than once. He showed so much grace during the ups and downs, and I feel very privileged to have “known” him even just through online conversations.

    The quilt was a wonderful idea and it is beautiful. Best wishes to you and Bob’s family.


  2. I joined Bill James On Line not quite three years ago. As a fellow poster, I shared his passion for the Game had the opportunity to “meet” Bob, learning much from his generously shared knowledge, The more I learned of him and his work, the more I appreciated both. I respect his efforts to educate those like me who knew relatively little the Games formative years to honor the pioneers from that age lost or forgotten. I felt honored that he expressed a similar respect for my contributions and regarded me as a peer.

    I saw a notice of your tribute to Bob that Terry (Ventboy) posted in A Bill James Reader’s Thread.. I wrote and posted a poem in reply, and decided to post it here, too.

    Bob is still a lucky man to have Mindy as executor of his memory and friends to honor her and her efforts on his behalf. so he can rest where he belongs.

    Elliott Kolker
    Stinson Beach, Ca

    Cooperstown Legacy
    For Robert Gregory:
    19th Century Committee Inductee: 4/20/17
    The Village Elliott: 4/28/17

    Cooperstown: where some say Doubleday:
    Fathered “Children’s Game which Grown Men Play”.
    Though we now know “Not true,”
    Bob’s in town ’cause some who
    Did created Shine where fans come pray.

    Cooperstown’s home to Game’s Hall of Fame,
    Built to honor the Greats and Our Game,
    Keeps Our Game’s Legacy,
    Shows Our Shared Memory,
    Where Game’s greats enshrined, fans can acclaim.

    “Robert Gregory-‘Crank’-Loved Our Game,
    Resurrected lost Pioneers’ name,
    Like ‘Docs’ Adams and White;
    On unsung, shined Bob’s light
    Shone on those shown deserving Hall’s fame,..

    “‘Founding Father: Game’s ‘Hall of Renown,’
    Deserves First-Ballot Hall of Fame Crown.”
    Fellow travelers say,
    On Bob’s Induction Day;
    Words for plaque hanging in Cooperstown.

    Bob deserves plaque on public display,
    Hung in Cooperstown where ashes lay,
    Honor way Bob played game,
    Shown so fans know, acclaim,
    Chadwick’s heir, Grandson of Doubleday.”


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