I was going to wait until December 1st, but what the heck…if Dave Fleming can start his now, I guess I can start this election now too. I’ll keep this election open until midnight, December 31st, so you can take your time, if you wish. I’m calling this, affectionately, the “JimmyG Rule”!!!

For those new to the GOR process, the voting is similar to a MVP ballot. You have to name ten and in order. No ties allowed. The points scored for each ballot is 14-11-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and the Top Two points recipients will be elected to the GOR. There are no write-ins allowed but you can, in effect, vote for more than ten by having Honorable Mentions. There is no need to mention someone Honorably if someone else has already voted for him. The purpose of a Honorable Mention is to make sure that they remain on the 2015 ballot, and anyone receiving a vote will be on the 2015 ballot, unless they’ve used up their 15 years of eligibility.

This year’s ballot is both lengthy and loaded with worthy candidates. Again for those who are new, the number before the name is how many years they’ve been on the ballot and the number after the name is where they placed in the 2013 GOR election. Fifty-three names to sort thru.

1 Moises Alou
9 Albert Belle
1 Armando Benitez
2 Craig Biggio 4th
9 Bobby Bonilla
4 Kevin Brown 10th
12 Brett Butler
1 Sean Casey
6 David Cone
8 Eric Davis
1 Ray Durham
2 Chuck Finley
2 Steve Finley
2 Julio Franco
1 Eric Gagne
5 Andres Gallaraga
1 Tom Glavine
3 Juan Gonzalez
1 Luis Gonzalez
9 Dwight Gooden
1 Jacque Jones
1 Todd Jones
15 Kent Hrbek
1 Jeff Kent
11 Jimmy Key
1 Paul Lo Duca
2 Kenny Lofton 10th
1 Greg Maddux
14 Don Mattingly
10 Willie McGee
15 Jack Morris
15 Dale Murphy
1 Mike Mussina
1 Hideo Nomo
4 John Olerud
4 Rafael Palmeiro 7th
10 Tony Phillips
2 Mike Piazza 3rd
7 Jose Rijo
1 Kenny Rogers
8 Bret Saberhagen
2 Reggie Sanders
2 Curt Schilling 5th
1 Richie Sexson
12 Lee Smith
1 J. T. Snow
2 Sammy Sosa 8th
11 Dave Stieb
1 Frank Thomas
1 Mike Tomlin
4 Larry Walker 6th
2 David Wells
3 Bernie Williams 9th
6 Matt Williams

Be aware that there are multiple last names with more than one candidate, so don’t write just “Williams” or “Gonzalez” or “Finley” or “Jones” and expect me to know which one you meant.

For the new folks, I’m going to bring up a couple of old threads that explain the purpose of the GOR and one that lists all the previous winners. These should answer any questions you may have, but if not, please feel free to ask any not covered.

Bob’s ballot:

1. Piazza
2. Biggio
3. Sosa
4. Schilling
5. Morris
6. B Williams
7. Brown
8. Walker
9. Cone
10. Smith

Honorable Mention: It’s too crowded for any Honorable Mention to ever get in.

Edit: I probably should explain why I didn’t vote for Maddux. I don’t vote for any first year guys. It’s my only way of protesting the Steroid Era. All players either took them or hid their heads in the sand. It’s just a one year moratorium. I didn’t vote for Biggio or Piazza last year; they now top my ballot. And just so you know, it’s not easy; Maddux is one of my all-time favorites.

Terry’s ballot:

1. Greg Maddux
2. Mike Piazza
3. Tom Glavine
4. Craig Biggio
5. Frank Thomas
6. Curt Schilling
7. Mike Mussina
8. Dale Murphy
9. Don Mattingly
10. Jack Morris

Honorable Mention:
Kenny Lofton
Julio Franco

I think Mussina is the BBWAA level gap player – Schilling is a clear BBWAA type in the Drysdale/Catfish mold, Mussina is borderline in the Blyleven but also Kaat/John mold, and Murphy is clearly headed for the pile of VC candidates in a few years.

Are all VC candidates, by definition, borderline Hall of Fame candidates? I think Murphy is a similar candidate ‘type’ to Chuck Klein (in my opinion his best comp) and the raft of similar guys; guys like Hack Wilson and Wally Berger, Roy Johnson, Gavy Cravvath, and so on. Some are in, some are still waiting. The ones who are waiting are popular candidates, and the ones who are in are unpopular inductees. I’m not sure I could define borderline better than that.


Results from 17 ballots….

224 Greg Maddux
151 Mike Piazza
121 Frank Thomas
116 Craig Biggio
90 Tom Glavine
69 Curt Schilling
67 Mike Mussina
36 Sammy Sosa
20 Jack Morris
19 Rafael Palmeiro
18 Bernie Williams
17 Kevin Brown
15 Kenny Lofton
14 Jeff Kent
12 Dale Murphy
12 Larry Walker
9 Tony Phillips
7 Willie McGee
6 Lee Smith
3 David Cone
3 Don Mattingly
3 Dave Stieb
2 John Olerud
2 Jose Rijo
1 Bobby Bonilla

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