2010 Manager election

The last of the specialty elections (I’m not going to do a mock 2015 Contributors election). If I were going to do this project over (WHICH I AM NOT!), I think I’d combined the Managers and Contributors and elect 2 every 4 years, starting in 1900 (but still electing 1 in 1885, 1890 and 1895).

(Ever notice that I put a lot of things in parentheses? I was talking to my wife about this recently and she mentioned that my speaking style, well, you can hear parenthetical comments as I speak.)

This election ends Thursday.

1 Bobby Cox
4 Al Dark
4 Gil Hodges
3 Ralph Houk
1 Dave Johnson
1 Tom Kelly
1 Tony LaRussa
2 Tommy Lasorda
1 Jim Leyland
3 Billy Martin
3 Gene Mauch
1 Jack McKeon
4 Danny Murtaugh
1 Lou Pinella
1 Buck Rodgers
3 Red Schoendienst

Bob’s ballot:

1. Martin
2. Cox
3. Johnson
4 Mauch
5. Schoendienst
6. Houk
7. Kelly
8. Hodges
9. Murtaugh
10. Pinella

Two that I didn’t vote for probably deserve an explanation.

Every fan has that one player/personality that they just can’t stand. Mine is Lasorda. I’ve never met the man; he’s never done anything to me; but I “hate” him with a red, hot passion. I’m not sure I can even tell you why. I just do. If he’s on TV, I change the channel. Perhaps it is unfair not to vote for him, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

We’re starting to get to players now that used PEDs. My own way to deal with it is to not vote for players I strongly suspect used, their first year on the ballot. I didn’t vote for McGwire in ’07, but had him #1 in ’08. I won’t vote for Palmeiro in ’11. I won’t vote for Bonds, Sosa and Clemens (and others) in ’13. And so it is with LaRussa. He was probably helped by PEDs more than any other manager. I just don’t feel comfortable voting for him in ’10.

So just as a head’s up, if in the next 4 elections you see that I’ve left off an “obvious” candidate, you’ll know why now.

Terry’s ballot:

1: Tony LaRussa
2: Bobby Cox
3: Billy Martin
4: Dave Johnson
5: Jim Leyland
6: Lou Pinella
7: Gene Mauch
8: Danny Murtaugh
9: Tommy Lasorda
10: Buck Rodgers

Honorable mention – Trader Jack


11 ballots; the results:

119 Bobby Cox
104 Tony LaRussa
83 Billy Martin
71 Dave Johnson
58 Tommy Lasorda
48 Jim Leyland
37 Lou Pinella
33 Gene Mauch
32 Danny Murtaugh
27 Red Schoendienst
26 Ralph Houk
14 Alvin Dark
12 Tom Kelly
5 Gil Hodges
1 Jack McKeon
1 Bob Rodgers

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