2000 Manager election

Quite a few dropped off from the 1990 election, so watch the cutting and pasting.

This election will end Tuesday.

1 Sparky Anderson
3 Alvin Dark
4 Charley Dressen
4 Jimmy Dykes
1 Whitey Herzog
3 Gil Hodges
2 Ralph Houk
4 Fred Hitchinson
1 Tommy Lasorda
2 Billy Martin
2 Gene Mauch
1 John McNamara
3 Danny Murtaugh
4 Paul Richards
2 Red Schoendienst

Bob’s ballot:

1. Martin
2. Richards
3. Anderson
4. Mauch
5. Schoendienst
6. Houk
7. Herzog
8. Hodges
9. Murtaugh
10. Dark

Terry’s ballot:

Billy Martin
Whitey Herzog
Sparky Anderson
Gene Mauch
Danny Murtaugh
Charley Dressen
Tommy Lasorda
Paul Richards
Gil Hodges
Ralph Houk

Honorable mention:
Buck Rogers, if he’s eligible (write-in, not on the list). Took amazing care of his pitching staffs.


10 ballots; the results:

105 Whitey Herzog
95 Sparky Anderson
83 Billy Martin
68 Tommy Lasorda
60 Paul Richards
50 Gene Mauch
41 Danny Murtaugh
31 Ralph Houk
30 Red Schoendienst
17 Al Dark
17 Gil Hodges
8 Charlie Dressen
5 Fred Hutchinson

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