This election ends Thursday.

Vada Pinson drops from the rolls, having used up his eligibility. Dropping from lack of support: Baylor, Blue, Chambliss, Kingman, Lolich, Lopes and Niekro.

10 Sal Bando
2 Buddy Bell
10 Bobby Bonds
1 Bob Boone
1 Bill Buckner
5 Cesar Cedeno
4 Ron Cey
3 Dave Concepcion
3 Jose Cruz
12 Willie Davis
12 Dock Ellis
2 Darrell Evans 5th
6 Rollie Fingers
5 George Foster
15 Bill Freehan 7th
4 Steve Garvey
3 Ron Guidry
1 Keith (I’m Not Willie) Hernandez
12 Jim Hunter 9th
2 Tommy John 8th
8 Jim Kaat
6 Jerry Koosman
9 Bill Lee
1 Chet Lemon
1 Fred Lynn
12 Thurman Munson
3 Graig Nettles 4th
15 Tony Oliva
6 Al Oliver
7 Amos Otis
5 Tony Perez
1 Dan Quisenberry
1 Johnny Ray
1 Jerry Reuss
2 Jim Rice 10th
5 Pete Rose 6th
3 Ted Simmons 3rd
7 Ken Singleton
9 Reggie Smith
6 Rusty Staub
3 Bruce Sutter
8 Gene Tenace
2 Manny Trillo
1 John Tudor
1 Frank White
14 Jim Wynn

Bob’s ballot:

1. Quisenberry
2. Simmons
3. Hunter
4. Freehan
5. Nettles
6. Perez
7. Oliva
8. Fingers
9. Bell
10. Hernandez

I should probably explain why I have Quisenberry at the top of my ballot. Rarely do I put favorites on my ballots, just for the sake of sentimentality. When I do, I put them 10th. Bobby Mathews and Roger Maris I can put #1 because that is where my analysis takes me. I can downgrade Boudreau and Evans for the same reason. Quisenberry is different. While a very good player, maybe even good enough to make my ballot without a personal connection, he really isn’t a #1. I get that; and if no one else votes for him, I can understand. However, nine years ago, I had a massive heart attack and wasn’t expected to survive. Three years ago, I developed a very aggressive cancer; my oncologist is surprised I’m still here. And Dan Quisenberry, a man I’ve never met, helped my get thru it all. He is the only baseball player who has affected my life. Hopefully thru my posts, you can tell I am a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, but I do have my dark, scared moments, and Quisenberry has helped me get thru those moments. After he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, he was asked “Do you ever ask yourself ‘Why me?'”. His reply has given me strength many times over. He responded with “I ask myself “Why NOT me?'” Whenever I have chest pain or pain from my cancer treatments, I think “Why NOT me? I can handle it.” Thanks, Dan.

Terry’s ballot:

1: Ted Simmons
2: Keith Hernandez
3: Dan Quisenberry
4: Jim Rice
5: Graig Nettles
6: Darrell Evans
7: Catfish Hunter
8: Tommy John
9: Steve Garvey
10: Tony Perez


16 ballots; the results:

125 Ted Simmons
100 Keith Hernandez
81 Pete Rose
79 Graig Nettles
74 Darrell Evans
69 Bill Freehan
64 Dan Quisenberry
57 Tony Oliva
56 Jim Hunter
36 Reggie Smith
26 Tony Perez
24 Rollie Fingers
23 Buddy Bell
22 Tommy John
21 Jim Wynn
19 Bobby Bonds
16 Jim Rice
12 Sal Bando
10 Thurman Munson
9 Jose Cruz
9 Steve Garvey
9 Ron Guidry
8 Fred Lynn
8 Rusty Staub
4 Ron Cey
4 Bruce Sutter
3 Cesar Cedeno
3 Jim Kaat
2 Bill Buckner
2 Amos Otis

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