This election ends Monday. Norm Cash drops out.

1 Doyle Alexander
9 Sal Bando
2 Don Baylor
1 Buddy Bell
4 Vida Blue
9 Bobby Bonds
4 Cesar Cedeno
3 Ron Cey
2 Chris Chambliss
2 Dave Concepcion
2 Jose Cruz 10th
11 Willie Davis
11 Dock Ellis
1 Darrell Evans
5 Rollie Fingers
1 Bob Forsch
4 George Foster
14 Bill Freehan 7th
3 Steve Garvey
4 Bobby Grich 3rd
2 Ron Guidry
1 Willie Hernandez
11 Jim Hunter 8th
1 Tommy John
7 Jim Kaat
4 Dave Kingman
5 Jerry Koosman
1 Mike Krukow
8 Bill Lee
11 Mickey Lolich
3 Dave Lopes
11 Thurman Munson
2 Graig Nettles 5th
2 Joe Niekro
14 Tony Oliva
5 Al Oliver
6 Amos Otis
4 Tony Perez
15 Vada Pinson
1 Rick Rhoden
1 Jim Rice
4 Pete Rose 6th
1 Mike Schmidt
2 Ted Simmons 4th
6 Ken Singleton
8 Reggie Smith 9th
1 Chris Speier
5 Rusty Staub
1 Jim Sundberg
2 Bruce Sutter
1 Kent Tekulve
7 Gene Tenace
1 Manny Trillo
13 Jim Wynn

Bob’s ballot:

1. Mike Schmidt
2-20. 19 guys more or less equally deserving

Ok, the real ballot:

One thru five were easy enough, but six thru ten is tough.

1. Schmidt
2. Simmons
3. Hunter
4. Nettles
5. Grich
6. Perez
7. Oliva
8. Fingers
9. Bell
10. Freehan

Terry’s ballot:

1: Mike Schmidt- Back when my house was full of Ron Cey fans; I picked Schmidt pretty much at random, based on the back of his baseball card (homers and stolen bases were my criterion), to make a bet with my older brother that he’d have a better year than Ron Cey that year. It was the spring of 1974, and what he did in 1974, backed up by his category A Hall of Fame career, made Mike Schmidt my favorite player, if not my favorite person, for life. How many commas do I have left? Lemme take a head count, see if – oh crap another one got away…
2: Ted Simmons
3: Keith Hernandez-
Bob and I were talking about Evans, Nettles, context, conditions, etc., and Bob came up with a side issue, a side question, with ole’ Hoover here at the center. His theory, untested, is that an average third baseman can save more runs than even a superior first baseman. It was off the top of his head, to him probably a throw-away thought, but it got me thinking… is that true, false, and in either case provable? I don’t do that kind of research, but some of you guys do.
4: Jim Rice- I know, double plays, Roy White, bla bla bla…. you don’t need to remind me. I think of his career as sort of a colossal disappointment in some ways, but then again he made it to a peak level that none of the guys below him did, and added ten years of maybe low value but high public impact number padding. I still feel like I need a shower after ranking him this high.
5: Graig Nettles- I said mismatch re. Evans, which was a mistake. I sometimes mix “clearly” up with “by a lot”. “Clearly” in my opinion, of course; but “clearly” not a mismatch.
6: Darrell Evans- If anyone comes between Evans and Nettles on my ballot, even accidentally, they will be crushed to death by the force of their togetherness.
7: Catfish Hunter
8: Tommy John-
To me this ranking is clear, but it would take over a thousand words to explain it. To me, John was what a lot of you think Sutton was; that’s the basic crux of it. I always rooted for John, and I never rooted for Sutton, so it’s not a personal prejudice. I hated Rice and Nettles, too. Loved Evans and Rusty Staub. Hated Munson, Concepcion. Who else? I hated the Pirates for years, but I never hated the players other than that rat bastard Kison; and don’t get me started on Charo…. goochie goochie my aching butt.
9: Steve Garvey
10: Tony Perez

Buddy Bell

I think I had Thurman Munson at the top of a ballot once; now he’s completely out of my top ten. (added later) Bob; if Hernandez isn’t eligible yet, move everyone up a spot and put Thurman back on the ballot at ten.


17 ballots (a new high); the results:

235 Mike Schmidt
121 Bobby Grich
98 Ted Simmons
73 Graig Nettles
71 Darrell Evans
68 Pete Rose
51 Bill Freehan
33 Tommy John
32 Jim Hunter
29 Jim Rice
27 Tony Oliva
27 Reggie Smith
26 Buddy Bell
24 Tony Perez
16 Sal Bando
16 Jim Wynn
14 Bobby Bonds
13 Ron Cey
12 Jose Cruz
12 Steve Garvey
11 Rollie Ringers
9 Thurman Munson
7 Ron Guidry
5 Jim Kaat
5 Bruce Sutter
2 Cesar Cedeno

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