This election ends Wednesday. No one of note dropped out.

5 Sal Bando
5 Bobby Bonds 6th
1 Larry Bowa
1 Al Bumbry
1 Jeff Burroughs
3 Bert Campaneris
1 Rod Carew
12 Norm Cash
9 Mike Cuellar
7 Willie Davis
7 Dock Ellis
1 Rollie Fingers
15 Curt Flood
8 Jim Fregosi
10 Bill Freehan 5th
1 Oscar Gamble
1 Larry Gura
1 Mike Hargrove
1 Rich Hebner
1 Burt Hooten
1 Art Howe
7 Jim Hunter 7th
3 Fergie Jenkins 4th
3 Jim Kaat
1 Bruce Kison
1 Jerry Koosman
4 Bill Lee
7 Mickey Lolich
2 Greg Luzinski
4 Sparky Lyle
5 Mike Marshall
14 Bill Mazeroski
10 Sam McDowell
2 Tug McGraw
10 Dave McNally
2 Rick Monday
7 Thurman Munson 10th
3 Bobby Murcer
10 Tony Oliva 9th
1 Al Oliver
2 Amos Otis
3 Gaylord Perry 3rd
2 Lou Pinella
11 Vada Pinson
2 Mickey Rivers
4 Joe Rudi
2 Ken Singleton
4 Reggie Smith 7th
1 Rusty Staub
3 Gene Tenace
1 Ellis Valentine
7 Roy White
14 Maury Wills
8 Wilbur Wood
9 Jim Wynn
1 Geoff Zahn

Bob’s ballot:

1. Jenkins
2. Perry
3. Carew
4. Hunter
5. Freehan
6. Munson
7. Oliva
8. Bonds
9. Fingers
10. Oliver

Terry’s ballot:

1: Rod Carew– Carew, then Gwynn, then Ichiro… one thing formulas can’t adjust well for are guys like these, who didn’t walk a lot because they put the ball in play almost as much as because they weren’t patient; plus so much of their OBA/SLG/OPS is batting average that they are undervalued there, too. Walks are nice, but it’s better to have 18 hits and 2 walks than 10 and 10, plus these guys could run. Lou Brock would fit the bill too, but he wasn’t really a bat control guy.
2: Gaylord Perry
3: Ferguson Jenkins
4: Thurman Munson
5: Catfish Hunter
6: Rusty Staub– I’m not a formula guy anyway, but if I was I would like to think that I wouldn’t be so obtuse as to count bad defense significantly ahead of no defense, just because the guy walked out to a position. Staub, Hal McRae, Edgar, Baines, they should at least be compared with the bad defense guys like, say, Kiner, McCovey, Greenberg, so on, and not get some huge penalty because they didn’t go out to right field and dig up worms, or stand at first base and wave at pickoff throws as they roll into the right field corner.
7: Tony Oliva
8: Bobby Bonds
9: Rollie Fingers
10: Mike Marshall

Honorable Mention

Jerry Koosman– Claude Osteen seems like a really good comp to me, without looking.
Al Oliver– Someday, after every live, in person memory of him is dead and buried; Al Oliver is going to become a Hall of Fame candidate. We’ll check back in 2075.

Other Stuff

Larry Bowa– I was a huge Phillies fan in the 1970s – and I still hated the little bastard.
Al Bumbry- Anyone remember Rich Coggins? For a few months in 1973, I thought of them as twins.
Jeff Burroughs– My favorite player for a short time, I was over him already by the time he won the MVP. I “left” him early in 1974 for my all time favorite player, Mike Schmidt. He got the kids, but I kept the stereo.
Oscar Gamble– His 1979 would make my all time Stratomatic team. Oh, and the hair was cool…
Rich Hebner– One of my phavorite Phils, an all time fun player.
Burt Hooten– He could never live in an apartment above a brothel, for fear of hearing something. He could live with the noise, but not the pun.


16 ballots; the results:

193 Rod Carew
174 Gaylord Perry
134 Fergie Jenkins
66 Bill Freehan
52 Bobby Bonds
43 Tony Oliva
42 Jim Hunter
40 Reggie Smith
30 Thurman Munson
27 Rollie Fingers
27 Jim Wynn
25 Sal Bando
23 Norm Cash
16 Rusty Staub
14 Bill Mazeroski
12 Amos Otis
8 Al Oliver
8 Vada Pinson
7 Mike Cuellar
6 Willie Davis
6 Ken Singleton
5 Curt Flood
4 Maury Wills
4 Wilbur Wood
3 Bobby Murcer
2 Jim Kaat
2 Gene Tenace
1 Mickey Lolich
1 Mike Marshall
1 Lou Pinella

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