1 Sam Barkley
6 Tommy Bond 2nd
2 George Bradley
7 John Clapp
3 Larry Corcoran 10th
11 Candy Cummings
1 Jack Farrell
6 Bob Ferguson 6th
11 Wes Fisler
1 Silver Flint
4 Davy Force
1 Bill Gleason
2 Charley Jones 4th
11 Joe Leggett 9th
3 Bobby Mathews 5th
6 Levi Meyerle 8th
2 Bill Phillips
9 Lip Pike 7th
2 Ezra Sutton 3rd
4 Will White
11 Jimmy Wood
4 Tom York

This election will close Saturday night…..unless. Will the NCAA Basket ball Tournament slow any of you guys down, getting your ballots in by then? I know I have my den set up for caving the next 4 days. Little fridge stocked, choice snacks nearby, and warnings posted alerting all my females to leave me alone. Well, that’s not entirely true: my wife’s birthday is tomorrow, so I’ve slotted 30 minutes for her. During halftime of course.

Editor’s note: Mindy got a lot more than a half-hour.

Bob’s ballot:

I have decided to totally re-think my ballot for this one year. This is the last real chance for any of these guys to get in. Oh, someone who has a number of years left of the ballot (Sutton maybe) might sneak in 10-14 elections from now, but I seriously doubt it. What I’m going to do is rank the guys who finished 2nd thru 11th in the 1894 election. Guys, like Wood and Fisler, who I have been voting for, aren’t getting enough love, so I am going to drop them from my ballot this year. If someone else votes for them this year, they’ll likely be back on next year’s. I am not suggesting or hoping that anybody else votes this way. I like seeing guys like York and Cummings and Fisler and Wood on the ballots. None of these 22 guys on the ballot are overwhelmingly qualified HOFers. Here’s my ballot:

1. Mathews
2. Ferguson
3. Leggett
4. Jones
5. Sutton
6. Pike
7. Meyerle
8. White
9. Bond
10 Corcoran

Terry’s ballot:

1. Charley Jones
2. Bobby Mathews
3. Joe Leggett
4. Levi Meyerle
5. Lip Pike
6. Tom York
7. Tommy Bond
8. Ezra Sutton
9. Larry Corcoran
10. Bill Gleason

69 Tommy Bond
68 Ezra Sutton
66 Charley Jones
55 Levi Meyerle
54 Bobby Mathews
45 Lip Pike
43 Bob Ferguson
32 Joe Leggett
25 Larry Corcoran
20 Will White
18 Tom York
13 Candy Cummings
7 John Clapp
4 Silver Flint, Jimmy Wood
3 Wes Fisler
2 George Bradley
1 Jack Farrell, Davy Force, Bill Gleason


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