This election will end Tuesday. Ted Kluszewski, Clem Labine and Elmer Valo drop from the ballot.

1 Gus Bell
9 Willard Brown 5th
1 Bill Bruton
15 Bill Byrd
15 Leon Day
14 Bobby Doerr 8th
10 Luke Easter 10th
1 Don Hoak
2 Gil Hodges
1 Sam Jones
13 Charlie Keller
10 Ralph Kiner 3rd
7 Bob Lemon 7th
2 Sherman Lollar
1 Charlie Maxwell
5 Gil McDougald
1 Minnie Minoso
5 Don Newcombe
11 Johnny Pesky
1 Billy Pierce
1 Wally Post
11 Allie Reynolds
9 Phil Rizzuto 6th
9 Al Rosen
1 Pete Runnels
2 Red Schoendienst
1 Bobby Shantz
1 Al Smith
1 Duke Snider
12 Eddie Stanky
1 Johnny Temple
8 Dizzy Trout
5 Mickey Vernon
15 Bucky Walters 9th
2 Early Wynn 4th
3 Ed Yost

Bob’s ballot:

Indulge my quirky ballot a little bit. I’m paying some homage to my past. I first started collecting cards in 1962, the cards on the back of Post cereals. All the new guys on this year’s ballot (except for Bobby Shantz) had cards from this set. About 3 years ago, I plunked down $1400 to get a complete set. I don’t want to screw around too much with the results; so I did include Kiner and Lemon on my ballot where I think they fit in, since Kiner and Lemon, who were in the Top 10 in ’69, are deserving of getting in the GOR.
1. Snider
2. Wynn
3. Minoso
4. Lemon
5. Kiner
6. Pierce
7. Hodges
8. Smith
9. Bruton
10. Lollar

This is the last year of the “pure” NeLers. I had not planned on including them in my original plan. I had thought to have 15 to 20 “special elections” starting in 1970. It seems somehow appropriate that 1970 is their final year on the ballot. And I want to thank you guys for changing my mind. I have learned so much about them because of this project.

Terry’s ballot:

1: Ralph Kiner
2: Duke Snider
3: Minnie Minoso
4: Gil Hodges
5: Early Wynn
6: Willard Brown
7: Bob Lemon
8: Billy Pierce
9: Leon Day
10: Bobby Doerr


11 ballots, the results:

151 Duke Snider
90 Minnie Minoso
71 Ralph Kiner
67 Early Wynn
60 Willard Brown
31 Bucky Walters
28 Bob Lemon
26 Bobby Doerr
21 Charlie Keller
21 Phil Rizzuto
20 Luke Easter
19 Billy Pierce
13 Bill Byrd
12 Leon Day
11 Gil Hodges
5 Al Rosen
5 Red Schoendienst
4 Allie Reynolds
3 Al Smith
3 Eddie Stanky
3 Eddie Yost
2 Bill Bruton
2 Dizzy Trout
1 Sherman Lollar
1 Don Newcombe
1 Johnny Pesky

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