This election ends Monday night. Eddie Joost, Dutch Leonard and Buck O’Neil drop from the rolls.

11 Newt Allen
6 Lou Boudreau 7th
12 Tommy Bridges
9 Ray Brown 9th
2 Willard Brown
3 PeeWee Butts
8 Bill Byrd
1 Tommy Byrne
1 Roy Campanella
1 Walker Cooper
11 Roy Cullenbine
5 Ray Dandridge 10th
8 Leon Day
5 Dom DiMaggio
7 Bobby Doerr
3 Luke Easter
5 Bob Elliott
3 Ferris Fain
15 Lefty Gomez
8 Joe Gordon 3rd
1 Steve Gromek
2 Monte Irvin 4th
13 Bob Johnson
1 George Kell
6 Charlie Keller
1 Ellis Kinder
3 Ralph Kiner 8th
14 Chuck Klein
11 Ernie Lombardi
12 Ted Lyons
10 Joe Medwick 6th
3 Hal Newhouser 5th
2 Mel Parnell
4 Johnny Pesky
4 Allie Reynolds
2 Phil Rizzuto
1 Eddie Robinson
2 Al Rosen
11 Red Ruffing
1 Andy Seminick
10 Hilton Smith
5 Eddie Stanky
3 Vern Stephens
1 Dizzy Trout
8 Bucky Walters

Bob’s ballot:

1. Ruffing
2. Lyons
3. Medwick
4. Kiner
5. Klein
6. Johnson
7. Rizzuto
8. Gordon
9. Doerr
10. Bridges

To tell you the truth, I struggled mightily with this ballot. How much do I add for lost war years? How much do I subtract for NOT going to war? How much confidence do I have with my projections on the NeLers? And I realized that I was just guessing. I was making what I think are reasonable guesses, but they are guesses just the same. So I decided on this ballot, I’m going with what I know. Or at least what I think I know. For the white players, I’m throwing out the three war years for everyone and adding back in very modest conservative estimates on what they would have done. For the NeLers, I’m going with my most conservative estimates, subtracting out three war years for them as well, and adding back in extremely conservative war year estimates. And the ballot above, reflects this thinking. I can’t say I’m pleased that Campanella and Irvin aren’t on it; they came in 11th and 12th. Fortunately, even if they aren’t elected this year, I have next year and many years afterward if need be to vote for them. I’m pretty confident that they are worthy choices and will get in without too much debate.

Terry’s ballot:

1: Roy Campanella
2: Monte Irvin
3: Ray Dandridge
4: Joe Gordon
5: Joe Medwick
6: Lou Boudreau
7: Ralph Kiner
8: Ted Lyons
9: Hal Newhouser
10: Leon Day

Dizzy Trout (sure, why not? Give the guy a year, anyway)
Al Rosen


11 ballots, the results:

104 Roy Campanella
77 Monte Irvin
58 Joe Gordon
52 Joe Medwick
50 Hal Newhouser
49 Lou Boudreau
33 Ralph Kiner
33 Red Ruffing
31 Ray Brown
31 Ted Lyons
29 Ray Dandridge
19 Willard Brown
14 Luke Easter
14 Chuck Klein
13 Bob Johnson
10 Hilton Smith
9 Charlie Keller
8 Bucky Walters
7 Leon Day
6 Bill Byrd
6 Ernie Lombardi
6 Phil Rizzuto
4 Newt Allen
3 Al Rosen
2 Bobby Doerr
1 Tommy Bridges
1 Lefty Gomez
1 Johnny Pesky

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