Well over 20 HOFers to choose from, with about 10 more near-HOFers. It’s like one of those Chinese restaurant buffets: you want to choose nearly all of them, but you just don’t have the room.

Edd Roush has used up his 15 years and Chick Hafey lost his support. I think, but I’m not certain, Roush is the 3rd 300 Win Shares player not to make the GOR, Harry Hooper and Eppa Rixey were the first two. We’re about to have quite a few more.

This election will end Monday.

8 Earl Averill 10th
1 Dick Bartell
9 John Beckwith 7th
1 Cool Papa Bell
6 Wally Berger
1 Tommy Bridges
1 Jimmy Brown
1 Mace Brown
2 Dolf Camilli
1 Ben Chapman
2 Harlond Clift
6 Andy Cooper
2 Joe Cronin 4th
9 Kiki Cuyler
1 Babe Dahlgren
1 Curt Davis
6 Dizzy Dean 6th
1 Bill Dickey
2 Martin Dihigo 3rd
1 Vince DiMaggio
14 Red Faber
6 Wes Ferrell 8th
1 Josh Gibson
4 Lefty Gomez
13 Burleigh Grimes
1 Pinky Higgins
1 Sammy Hughes
2 Bob Johnson
10 Judy Johnson
3 Chuck Klein
1 Red Kress
8 Tony Lazzeri
8 Dick Lundy
1 Ted Lyons
8 Heinie Manush
12 Rabbit Maranville
11 Firpo Marberry
3 Pepper Martin
6 Buddy Myer
7 Dick Redding
12 Sam Rice 8th
15 Eddie Rommel
1 Hal Schmacher
7 Ben Taylor
1 Hal Trosky
10 Pie Traynor
2 Lloyd Waner
2 Lou Warneke
13 Hack Wilson
2 Jud Wilson 5th
2 Wild Bill Wright

Bob’s ballot:

I don’t usually get scatological, but this sucks. The first 6 are “no-brainer” HOFers to me. The next 4, altho there are more deserving guys that I left off, are guys I think merit serious consideration. But if I don’t mention them now, they might fall off the next ballot from lack of anyone else mentioning them. Dick Bartell wouldn’t be a horrible choice, if he made the GOR, but I don’t even have him in my Top 30 this year. Oh well, I might as well enjoy it. Come the late ’70s elections, I’ll be having to decide whether to put Donn Clendenon, Jim Davenport, Stan Williams or Mack Jones in my 9th and 10th spots.

1. Gibson
2. Dickey
3. J. Wilson
4. Bell
5. Cronin
6. Dihigo
7. Beckwith
8. B. Johnson
9. Cooper
10. Bridges

Terry’s ballot:

1: Josh Gibson
2: Cool Papa Bell
3: Jud Wilson
4: Dizzy Dean
5: Joe Cronin
6: Bill Dickey
7: John Beckwith
8: Rabbit Maranville
9: Wes Ferrell
10: Pie Traynor

Honorable Mention

Kiki Cuyler
Ted Lyons


11 ballots, the results:

154 Josh Gibson
80 Martin Dihigo
68 Joe Cronin
65 Bill Dickey
64 Cool Papa Bell
43 Jud Wilson
35 Dizzy Dean
23 Wes Ferrell
19 Earl Averill
19 John Beckwith
15 Sam Rice
12 Ted Lyons
11 Judy Johnson
11 Chuck Klein
11 Dick Lundy
11 Rabbit Maranville
8 Pie Traynor
5 Bob Johnson
3 Red Faber
3 Heinie Manush
2 Wally Berger
2 Andy Cooper
2 Kiki Cuyler
2 Burleigh Grimes
1 Tommy Bridges
1 Tony Lazzeri
1 Eddie Rommel

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