1950 Manager election

Vote for 10 in order. This election ends Sunday. Only Patsy Tebeau dropped from the rolls.

There is probably some NeL manager who should be included either in 1950 or 1960, but none that stuck out prominently to my eyes. If anyone has someone they’d like to see added in either election, let me know. This is not my area of expertise.

1 Del Baker
2 Donie Bush
2 Bill Carrigan
2 Lee Fohl
2 George Gibson
2 Jack Hendricks
3 Fielder Jones
2 Bill Killefer
1 Joe McCarthy
1 Bill McKechnie
2 Fred Mitchell
3 Pat Moran
1 Roger Peckinpaugh
3 Wilbert Robinson
1 Burt Shotton
4 George Stallings
2 Candy Jim Taylor
1 Jimmie Wilson


7 ballots; the results

98 Joe McCarthy
71 Bill McKechnie
51 George Stallings
48 Wilbert Robinson
40 Candy Jim Taylor
30 Fielder Jones
25 Bill Carrigan
25 Pat Moran
16 Burt Shotten
10 Del Baker
6 Donie Bush
5 Lee Fohl
2 Bill Killefer

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