All I ask of you guys this election: if you vote for either George Burns, call the ALer Tioga, to keep him separate from the NLer. Personally, I’m hoping no one votes for Tioga. Otherwise it might be 10 elections of headaches for me.

Mike Donlin dropped off after 15 years. This election will end Monday.

3 Babe Adams
1 Jimmy Austin
13 Chief Bender
5 George Burns 9th
1 Tioga George Burns
1 Max Carey
3 Wilbur Cooper
2 Stan Coveleski 4th
10 Gavy Cravath
1 Bill Doak
8 Art Fletcher
3 Jake Fournier
12 Bud Fowler 10th
6 Larry Gardner
1 Wally Gerber
4 Ray Grimes
3 Heinie Groh 6th
1 George Harper
2 Joe Harris
4 Pete Hill 6th
5 Harry Hooper
10 Joe Jackson
11 Grant Johnson 5th
9 Ed Konetchy
1 Carl Mays
1 Lee Meadows
3 Dobie Moore
1 Art Nehf
5 Bruce Petway
6 Del Pratt
13 Ed Reulbach
1 Ray Schalk
1 Jack Scott
3 Bob Shawkey
2 Urban Shocker 6th
1 Jack Smith
1 Billy Southworth
2 Cristobal Torriente 3rd
1 Elam Vangilder
9 Hippo Vaughn
1 Ken Williams
2 Al Wingo
8 Joe Wood
4 Ross Youngs

Bob’s ballot:

1. Torriente
2. Johnson
3. Shocker
4. Carey
5. Burns
6. Coveleski
7. Konetchy
8. Groh
9. Fowler
10. Schalk

Terry’s ballot:

1: Christobal Torriente
2: Harry Hooper
3: Grant Johnson
4: Pete Hill
5: Max Carey– The three leadoff men all scored just over 100 runs per 162 games for their careers. Carey’s numbers through 1925 (age 35) were right in line with the other two, even a little better, but he played another 5 years at a lower level.
6: Gavy Cravath
7: Chief Bender
8: George Burns
9: Ray Schalk- Got strong support in a few MVP votes, and according to the Wizard he deserved a huge number of gold gloves.
10: Dobie Moore

Honorable Mention
Heinie Groh
Urban Shocker
Stan Coveleski

Other Stuff

Tioga George Burns– No power or walks, not enough for a first baseman to overcome the weird name situation if you ask me. I had no idea he won an MVP. Weird.

Carl Mays– In the Drysdale/Pappas group, probably towards the top of the pack. I won’t dun him for accusations any more than I’ll dun Bagwell for accusations, and being the guy whose HBP resulted in the only death shouldn’t go against him either. If nothing else, these things made him more famous, more part of the lore. He’s a D level candidate, but a fairly high D.

This ballot is actually fairly deep, with several viable Negro League stars to go with the usual glut of D level players. The D level players are like the well dressed yuppies who stand in line in front of the big New York bars, hoping to get in so they can mix with the beautiful people.


Ten ballots, the results:

134 Cristobal Torriente
57 Stan Coveleski
48 Pete Hill
41 Max Carey
39 Joe Jackson
37 Grant Johnson
33 George Burns
31 Carl Mays
27 Heinie Groh
27 Urban Shocker
23 Chief Bender
23 Harry Hooper
16 Wilbur Cooper
15 Dobie Moore
11 Hippo Vaughn
9 Bud Fowler
8 Babe Adams
7 Ed Konetchy
6 Ed Reulbach
6 Ray Schalk
5 Gavy Cravath
3 Art Fletcher
2 Ross Youngs
1 Bob Shawkey
1 Cy Williams

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