Altho this year’s election results will be fairly anticlimactic (and the same goes for next year’s), we’re in for some fun ballots the next few years. Both Cupid Childs and Elmer Smith dropped from the rolls, having used up their eligibility. This poll ends Friday night.

7 Ginger Beaumont
2 Bill Bradley
2 Roger Bresnahan 4th
1 Miner Brown
1 Bill Carrigan
8 Jack Chesbro 8th
10 Lave Cross 10th
3 Mike Donlin
1 Red Dooin
1 Charlie Grant
3 Frank Grant 3rd
6 Topsy Hartsel
1 Roy Hartzell
1 Solly Hofman
15 Dummy Hoy
1 Miller Huggins
9 Fielder Jones
4 Johnny Kling
1 Otto Knabe
1 Nap Lajoie
1 Jack Lapp
7 Sam Leever
13 Herman Long 9th
1 Christy Mathewson
11 John McGraw 6th
5 Deacon McGuire
3 Bill Monroe
1 George Moriarty
2 George Mullin
5 Jack Powell
1 Nap Rucker
4 Cy Seymour
1 Fred Snodgrass
3 George Stovey
6 Fred Tenney
6 Roy Thomas 5th
1 Joe Tinker
1 Chief Wilson
14 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Mathewson
2. Lajoie
3. Brown
4. Tinker
5. Thomas
6. Bresnahan
7. G Grant
8. Stovey
9. C Grant
10. Monroe

Write-ins: Chesbro, Huggins, Tenney

I’m being a bit PC by having the 4 black candidates at the bottom of my ballot. I want to keep them eligible until i figure them out a little better. I am relying on two sources for info about them, and both books start their biographies with “one of the best black players of the 19th century” or some sort of derivation. Neither says “the best”. Neither does comparisons. It’s like I’ve been saying: white players have stats; black players have anecdotes. And I’m having trouble weighing the two, absent stats.

Terry’s ballot:

1- Christy Mathewson
2- Nap Lajoie– Pronounced LAA-zyu-way; I got that from a Ty Cobb interview on Youtube. One of the highlights of my baseball fan career, being able to hear Ty Cobb pronounce his name. How awesome is Youtube?
3- Miner Brown
4- Roger Bresnahan
5- Joe Tinker
6- Jack Chesbro
7- Cy Seymour
8- Frank Grant– I lowered him some. If he wasn’t a great player, I don’t want to just vote for him out of some kind of retroactive PC guilt. I need some evidence.
9- Johnny Kling
10- John McGraw

Honorable Mention
Herman Long
Roy Thomas

Other Stuff:

Solly Hofman– Add his 1910 to the list of greatest fluke seasons ever.
Nap Rucker– Played for bad teams and his career was short, but he was one hell of a pitcher. There will be pitchers in the GOR who couldn’t carry his jock.
Fred Snodgrass– Terrific rookie year, but he never played at that level again. He was, in today’s analysis, probably just hit lucky that year. He did come back to play fairly well after the 1912 World Series catastrophe, and he appears to have been a pretty good fielder.
Chief Wilson– His 47 combined triples and homers in 1912 was the most in the pre-lively ball era. Man did he have big ears.


As I said, the election was a cake-walk for the two leading candidates; they got all the 1st and 2nd place votes. With 8 voters, the results:

106 Christy Mathewson
94 Nap Lajoie
62 Miner Brown
51 Joe Tinker
28 Roger Bresnahan
25 Frank Grant
17 Herman Long
17 Roy Thomas
12 Jack Chesbro
12 John McGraw
8 Mike Donlin
8 Johnny Kling
7 George Stovey
6 Lave Cross
6 Deacon McGuire
6 Bill Monroe
5 Jack Powell
5 Cy Seymour
4 Chief Zimmer
3 Sam Leever
3 Fred Tenney
2 Charlie Grant
1 Miller Huggins

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