1920 Manager election

I’m heading out of town for a couple of days. I’ll leave as soon as I’ve put up the 1920 Players’ ballot, so I’m putting the managers on a day early to save me some time tomorrow morning. This election will end Saturday night, the same as the 1920 Players’ election.

Making a manager’s ballot is a lot harder than the other two categories. Playing managers mess it up to no end. Frank Chance and Fred Clarke are being added either in the same year that they show up on the Players’ ballot or even before, which seems really weird. I’m hoping that Selee wins this year, and that McGraw doesn’t get elected as a player and wins the Manager’s vote in 1930. I’d rather see Chance and Clarke go in as players, if warranted; which should explain why I’ve left them both off my manager’s ballot in my vote in the post below this one.

I probably should explain how I choose the managers and when they go onto the ballot: but I can’t; I have no set rules.

Generally, tho, they have to be retired or 65 years of age, but they are not hard and fast rules. And they have only four elections to be selected.

This election’s candidates:

1 Frank Chance
1 Fred Clarke
3 Charley Comiskey 3rd
2 Frank Selee 2nd
1 George Stallings
2 Patsy Tebeau 4th
4 Jimmy Wood 4th

The 1930 ballot will be crowded, even without McGraw (if he wins as a player). Clark Griffith, who might get in as a player or as a contributor, Miller Huggins and Fielder Jones (again, quality players) and Pat Moran and Wilbert Robinson.


Not a lot of drama. With 5 voters….

25 Frank Selee
8 George Stallings
7 Frank Chance
4 Charlie Comiskey
4 Fred Clarke
4 Patsy Tebeau
3 Jimmy Wood

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