Have fun boys, it’s a tough one. This poll ends Monday night.

1 Ginger Beaumont
2 Jack Chesbro 9th
10 Cupid Childs 7th
11 Jack Clements
4 Lave Cross 10th
1 Elmer Flick
15 Dave Foutz
13 Mike Griffin
5 Noodles Hahn
1 Harry Howell
9 Dummy Hoy
3 Fielder Jones 8th
1 Tim Jordan
1 Addie Joss
13 Bill Joyce
1 Willie Keeler
3 Joe Kelley 3rd
1 Sam Leever
7 Herman Long 5th
1 Harry Lumley
14 Denny Lyons
5 John McGraw 6th
5 Sam Mertes
13 Billy Nash
1 Jack O’Connor
2 Al Orth
2 Claude Ritchey
5 Kip Selbach
10 Elmer Smith
1 Tully Sparks
1 George Stone
12 Mike Tiernan 4th
1 Rube Waddell
2 Jimmy Williams
1 Vic Willis
8 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Keeler
2. Waddell
3. Flick
4. Kelley
5. Tiernan
6. Willis
7. Childs
8. Joss
9. Long
10. Leever

And a long, LONG list of write-ins.

Terry’s ballot:

1- Willie Keeler
2- Rube Waddell
3- Elmer Flick
4- Mike Tiernan
5- Vic Willis
6- Joe Kelley
7- Jack Chesbro
8- John McGraw
9- Addie Joss
10- Cupid Childs

Honorable mention
Herman Long
Chief Zimmer

Interesting characters:

Harry Howell- From 1904-1908 he was 77-90, 2.02 era (125 era+) in 308 innings per year, 21.9 WAR (4.4 per season). I could be convinced that he was as good as several pitchers who ended up on great teams – and will be strong candidates for the GOR.

Tim Jordan– He was born 30 years too early. Center his career in 1935 and he could have been a superstar. Hal Trosky, somebody like that.

Kip Selbach- What am I missing in his fielding statistics? To me he looks like a superior fielder, yet he has a -9.9 defensive WAR. In most cases who cares, but if Selbach was a superior fielder instead of the Greg Luzinski of his time, his WAR would rank up there with some of the serious GOR candidates.

George Stone
– Looking at his statistics, I am reminded of Pete Reiser. They didn’t appear to be in any way similar players and Reiser was several years younger when he came up, but they had similar career patterns once they hit the big leagues.


Eight ballots, the results:

86 Willie Keeler
74 Rube Waddell
59 Joe Kelley
56 Elmer Flick
39 Vic Willis
31 Addie Joss
29 Mike Tiernan
22 John McGraw
17 Cupid Childs
17 Herman Long
11 Fielder Jones
10 Jack Chesbro
8 Denny Lyons
5 Elmer Smith
5 Chief Zimmer
4 Jack Clements
4 Lave Cross
4 Sam Leever
3 Bill Joyce
2 Billy Nash
2 Ginger Beaumont

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