Some interesting names are moving up and onto the list this year. No long time candidates dropped off. There are a number of worthies who are about to lose their eligibility. This poll ends Wednesday night.

15 Fred Carroll
14 Bob Caruthers 3rd
6 Cupid Childs 7th
7 Jack Clements
1 Red Donohue
2 Jack Doyle
1 Hugh Duffy
2 Duke Farrell
11 Dave Foutz
1 Mike Grady
9 Mike Griffin
1 Noodles Hahn
5 Dummy Hoy
9 Bill Joyce
1 Malachi Kittridge
3 Herman Long 9th
10 Denny Lyons
1 John McGraw
8 Ed McKean
1 Sam Mertes
13 Tony Mullane 5th
9 Billy Nash
1 Kid Nichols
15 Tip O’Neill 10th
1 Heinie Peitz
15 Hardy Richardson 7th
5 Wilbert Robinson
4 Jimmy Ryan 4th
1 Kip Selbach
6 Elmer Smith
1 Chick Stahl
1 Willie Sudhoff
7 Mike Tiernan 6th
4 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Nichols
2. Mullane
3. Richardson
4. Ryan
5 Tiernan
6. Griffin
7. Long
8. McKean
9. Caruthers
10. Selbach

There is a noticeable name missing from my ballot, and I’ll take just a moment to explain why. John McGraw is an obvious HOFer. However, I try very hard to structure my ballot to how I feel voters would have voted in that year. There are three reasons I think voters might be reluctant to vote for Muggsy in 1912. First, voters back then had never heard of OBA. Walks were something that pitchers did, not hitters. So I’m not sure that voters back then would be quite as high on McGraw as we are now. Second, his career is a little short. Third, and I think that this might be the biggest reason. By 1912, McGraw was already considered the 2nd greatest manager ever (behind Wright). I think that voters would already be thinking of electing him for his managerial record in 1920 or 1930, depending on when he retired.

Remember how I’m doing my ballots. I’m pretending that voters in 1912 had no knowledge of what would be in store for these guys, BUT had access to an encyclopedia, but not necessarily sabermetric analysis.

I’m not going to kick and scream if we elect McGraw as a player. I’m just hoping we elect him as a manager in 1930. That to me seems more….I’m not sure of the word. “Right”? “Apropos”? Today, we think of McGraw as a manager first, player second. I just think it would be more appropriate to elect the greatest manager as a manager. That’s my thinking, anyway.

Terry’s ballot:

1. Kid Nichols- 17 career saves versus 361 career wins, but led the league in saves 4 times, wins 3 times.
2. Hardy Richardson- Last year on the ballot, moved up a couple of spots as a show of respect.
3. Bob Caruthers
4. Tony Mullane
5. Mike Tiernan
6. Jimmy Ryan
7. Hugh Duffy– I can’t speak for you guys, but to me he’s a perfect C level Hall candidate.
8. Cupid Childs
9. Tip O’Neill- Also last year on the ballot, only a HOF player in a very inclusive group. Where would he rank; around 350? His ops+ is 167th overall, in a fairly short career.
10. Herman Long

Honorable Mention
Kip Selbach– Not that far behind Duffy as a hitter, and his defensive stats are impressive.
Chief Zimmer

I didn’t include McGraw, but if I did he’d rank near the bottom of the top 10. To me he was a D level candidate as a player, similar to O’Neill more than to Richardson, who I believe was a low C.


Eight ballots and the results:

109 Kid Nichols
53 Jimmy Ryan
52 Hugh Duffy
45 Bob Caruthers
31 Tony Mullane
29 Hardy Richardson
29 Mike Tiernan
28 Herman Long
25 John McGraw
22 Cupid Childs
20 Tip O’Neill
10 Mike Griffin
6 Ed McKean
6 Chief Zimmer
5 Jack Clements
4 Elmer Smith
3 Dummy Hoy
3 Denny Lyons
3 Billy Nash
2 Bill Joyce
1 Noodles Hahn
1 Kip Selbach
1 Chick Stahl

Mea culpa. If I had Duffy in my tenth slot instead of Selbach, he’d be going into the GOR this year, instead of Ryan. Duffy held the tie-breaker if the two of them had tied. But Duffy does have 14 more years to impress me, tho I don’t think he’ll need all 15 to get in.

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