We lost a lot of long time guys with the last election, Galvin and Browning, who won, and Fred Carroll, Dave Foutz, Bill Joyce, Denny Lyons, and Jack Stivetts, from lack of votes. But we’re gaining this year, a bunch of near HOFers that could be on the ballot for years and years. This election will end Monday night (I’m going out of town this weekend).

11 Bob Caruthers 4th
3 Cupid Childs
4 Jack Clements
1 Bill Clingman
1 Ed Delahanty
11 Jerry Denny
6 Mike Griffin
1 Bill Hallman
2 Dummy Hoy
1 Hughie Jennings
1 Bill Keister
1 Brickyard Kennedy
5 Ed McKean
10 Tony Mullane 8th
6 Billy Nash
12 Tip O’Neill 9th
12 Hardy Richardson 7th
2 Wilbert Robinson
1 Jimmy Ryan
3 Elmer Smith
4 Mike Tiernan 6th
1 George Van Haltren
12 Mickey Welch 4th
14 Ned Williamson 3rd
1 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Delahanty
2. Williamson
3. Mullane
4. Welch
5. Richardson
6. Ryan
7. Van Haltren
8. Jennings
9. Tiernan
10. Griffin

Terry’s ballot:

1. Ed Delahanty
2. Ned Williamson– Show of respect for a long time popular candidate who I’ve been slighting for “years”
3. Bob Caruthers
4. Hardy Richardson
5. Mike Tiernan
6. Tony Mullane
7. Jimmy Ryan– hit .309 through age 29, .312 from age 30-39 (.249 in his last year at 40, I didn’t add it in). He turned 30 the year they moved the mound back. Ops+ before 1893- 138. Ops+ from 1893-1902- 116. In other words, he wasn’t quite as consistent as his record makes him look, but still he aged extremely well.
8. Mickey Welch
9. George Van Haltren– Never led the league in runs scored, finished 2nd once and 3rd twice. Defensive stats aren’t impressive, either. Was he Tim Raines, or was he Mickey Rivers? Somewhere in between seems reasonable.
10. Hughie Jennings – He’ll almost certainly move way up my ballot next year, but his career was really short. I want more time to figure out where he stands before I put him up at the top.

Honorable Mention
Jack Clements
Chief Zimmer


The results for the 1909 election, from 7 ballots:

98 Ed Delahanty
48 Ned Williamson
40 Hughie Jennings
36 George Van Haltren
29 Mickey Welch
26 Bob Caruthers
25 Jimmy Ryan
22 Hardy Richardson
21 Mike Tiernan
17 Tony Mullane
17 Tip O’Neill
12 Cupid Childs
9 Elmer Smith
7 Dave Foutz
4 Fred Carroll
4 Chief Zimmer
3 Bill Joyce
2 Jack Clements
2 Dummy Hoy
2 Denny Lyons
2 Billy Nash
1 Mike Griffin

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