Tons of lesser stars being added for this year. The ballot:

6 Charley Bennett 6th
1 Lou Bierbauer
1 Jack Boyle
1 Tom Brown
5 Pete Browning 7th
7 Fred Carroll
6 Bob Caruthers
2 Roger Connor 3rd
1 Jack Crooks
5 Jerry Denny
1 Red Ehret
1 Duke Esper
3 Dave Foutz
7 Pud Galvin 7th
7 George Gore 4th
1 Mike Griffin
1 Bug Holiday
1 Bill Joyce
1 Matt Kilroy
2 Silver King
2 Denny Lyons
12 Bobby Mathews
3 Tommy McCarthy
5 Tony Mullane
1 Billy Nash
7 Tip O’Neill
2 Fred Pfeffer
7 Hardy Richardson 10th
1 Billy Shindle
1 Germany Smith
1 Ed Stein
6 Harry Stovey 5th
11 Ezra Sutton
1 Sam Thompson
7 Mickey Welch
9 Ned Williamson
1 Walt Wilmot

Bob’s ballot:

Totally revamped my ballot again. I started off with 20 names that I thought deserved consideration for my Top 10. That’s too many!!! So I decided to take the top player from each position, plus one additional pitcher; but I didn’t see a shortstop that merits a ballot slot (sorry, Germany Smith), so I added the best player left over. I then ranked the ten in order of who I think most deserves to be named in 1904. My ballot:

1. Roger Connor
2. Bobby Mathews
3. Harry Stovey
4. Ned Williamson
5. Pete Browning
6. Charley Bennett
7. Pud Galvin
8. George Gore
9. Sam Thompson
10. Hardy Richardson

The other ten: Caruthers, Griffin, Holiday, Joyce, King, Lyons, Mullane, Pfeffer, Sutton and Welch

I’ve said before that I like to handicap who will be selected. I assume that Connor is a near given, but I haven’t a clue who will be number 2. Well, I know it won’t be Jack Crooks or Duke Esper. but you know what I mean.

Terry’s ballot:

1. Roger Connor- For some reason he reminds me of Fred McGriff. He sort of looks like him, other than his pasty complexion.

2. Sam Thompson– How good would he have been in the lively ball era?

3. Harry Stovey
4. Charlie Bennett
5. George Gore
6. Pete Browning
7. Bobby Mathews
8. Tony Mullane
9. Hardy Richardson
10. Bob Caruthers

Honorable mention:
Mickey Welch
Pud Galvin
Tip O’Neill
Fred Dunlap
Ned Williamson

Bill Joyce– Sort of the Ed Yost of the 19th century

Mike Griffin– One hell of a leadoff man, and his defensive stats were terrific. Was he actually a leadoff man? Is Richie Ashburn a good comp?


Results from 7 ballots:

95 Roger Connor
65 Sam Thompson
40 George Gore
38 Harry Stovey
33 Charley Bennett
25 Ned Williamson
23 Pud Galvin
21 Pete Browning
17 Bobby Mathews
16 Hardy Richardson
15 Mickey Welch
9 Dave Foutz
8 Bob Caruthers
7 Tip O’Neill
3 Fred Carroll
3 Tony Mullane
3 Billy Nash
2 Bill Joyce
2 Fred Pfeffer
1 Denny Lyons
1 Ezra Sutton


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