A number of long time candidates dropped off from the 1892 election, since they didn’t receive any votes, including Bob Addy, Asa Brainard, Jim Devlin, George Hall and Andy Leonard; so be aware. Three new names, all pitchers, join in ’93, Larry Corcoran, Bobby Mathews and Jim McCormick.

4 Tommy Bond 2nd
5 John Clapp 10th
1 Larry Corcoran
9 Candy Cummings
4 Bob Ferguson 3rd
9 Wes Fisler
2 Davy Force
4 Chick Fulmer
9 Joe Leggett 7th
4 Fergie Malone
1 Bobby Mathews
1 Jim McCormick
4 Levi Meyerle 6th
9 Peter O’Brien
7 Lip Pike 4th
9 Tom Pratt
9 Charley Smith 5th
2 Will White 8th
9 Jimmy Wood
3 Tom York 9th

Bob’s ballot:

1. Bobby Mathews
2. Charley Smith
3. Joe Leggett
4. Jimmy Wood
5. Bob Ferguson
6. Lip Pike
7. Wes Fisler
8. Levi Meyerle
9. Jim McCormick
10. Tom Pratt

Terry’s ballot:

1. Joe Leggett
2. Charley Smith
3. Jim McCormick
5. Levi Meyerle
5. Bobby Mathews
6. Lip Pike
7. Tommy Bond
8. Tom York
9. Larry Corcoran
10. Will White


Sorry about the 24-hour delay in getting the results for this election posted. A family issue popped up yesterday. I hate it when Life intrudes and gets in my way. But at the same time, I sort of glad it did, because this election ended in a tie between Bond and McCormick, and it gave me a little extra time to make sure I made the “right” decision. I worry about you guys thinking that I somehow might be manipulating the vote for my own purposes.

I hate ties, and I hate tie-breakers almost as much. But here are the three things I looked at to break the tie from the nine ballots:
1) number of first place votes (they tied with two a piece)
2) number of second place votes (McCormick had 2, Bond received 1)
3) head-to-head competition (looking at the 9 ballots individually, 6 of us ranked McCormick above Bond, 3 had it the other way around)
Two of the tie-breakers went to McCormick and none went to Bond, so here are the 1893 election results:

65 McCormick
65 Bond
50 Mathews
50 Meyerle
47 Pike
44 Ferguson
42 Smith
39 Leggett
25 Corcoran
19 York
17 Clapp
17 White
15 Cummings
14 Fisler
13 Wood
7 Force
1 Fulmer, Pratt

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